How To Boost The Power Of Online Reviews

Managing your online reputation to ensure your reviews drive patients to your dental website

By Amber McAlpine  |  May 15, 2018

Professionals checking people's comments on a dental website


Word-of-mouth advertising by your happy patients can significantly impact your production.
Want to secure and protect your future by increasing practice production? Most successful dentists do this with a customized patient newsletter mailed to patient homes every quarter.
Avoid this epic fail … because if patients don’t feel you know them, appreciate them, and value their business, they might not return to your practice.
Icon of a person with a large red pencil check-marking boxes. Tough decisions are made that much more easily when supported by the appropriate information. Asking questions in patient satisfaction surveys about your dental marketing efforts could help you streamline the process in the long run to ensure a maximum return on investment, along with the most optimal conversion rates.
Calendar with pencil looking to mark off a date. The truth is that email marketing continues to be one of the strongest and most popular means of communication between companies and customers.
Prospective patients. In the dentistry world, practice owners need to engage with prospective patients in meaningful ways if they want to grow their businesses.
Woman and man with the text - pass on a smile. In the dental industry, you have to be consistent in how you market your practice if you want to succeed.
A dentist standing among his staff. As a dentist, the way you build your practice into an industry-leading organization is through effective marketing and superior customer service.
Become a credible practice with dental direct mail The world of dentistry is complex, and in order for you to build your book-of-patients and garner a loyal following, you need to offer prospects and current patients more than superior services.
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