woman smiling touching her mouth The first thing many people see when meeting with new clients, old friends or family members are their teeth.
Young woman sitting in her home with a dog. If you want to solidify your practice as the leading oral health care provider in your community, you need to engage with the people who live in the area.
A couple outside in the fall time. Incentives can go a long way toward convincing customers to remain loyal to a company.
Older couple smiling in the sun. Businesses have struggled to find ways to strengthen client loyalty.
Icon red man standing among icon white men. The dental market grows only more competitive during tough economic times. Dentists compete with each other to acquire the highest number of new patients, and to make the biggest possible impact in the space, most dentists increase their marketing efforts.
Woman driving a car. In an effort to grow your practice into an authority in the oral health care industry, you've likely flirted with the idea of implementing a multi-channel dental marketing campaign.
Another example of Patient News' patient newsletter. If you want to retain your patients-of-record, make sure your dental marketing strategies are tailored to educate your clients and maintain lucrative professional relationships.
3D bar graph with the tallest bar colored red. Here are some important metrics that dental practice marketing executives should be keeping an eye out for in determining the course of their email marketing efforts.
Older couple outside in the sun. In order to remain a successful and profitable dental practice, you need to make sure you retain the loyalty of your patients-of-record.
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