Garbage can. Here are some of the most common email marketing mistakes.
Group of young people having fun. Promotional materials are designed to change consumers' opinions about different products and services, but they sometimes face uphill battles against popular opinion.




It's how and when it works best that's the secret. Several recent studies have proven that customized educational newsletters are best for the dentist that wants to own their local market.

Help Patients Love To Refer You

Increase new patient flow Improve patient engagement Increase topline revenue
Patient News specializes in working with ambitious dental practitioners. That's why we created a comprehensive dental marketing system that will dramatically grow your practice.
Generally, dental patients don’t travel great distances to receive their oral care. People perceive that all dentists are the same, so unless they have…
Now it’s time to really WOW each new patient and secure your new relationship by building the loyalty that you already enjoy with your long-term patients of record.
Before developing methods to address the challenge of being seen, being relevant, and being contacted, marketers must find or create a need and then provide the solution.
Engaged patients are active participants in their home oral healthcare routines. They attend regular recare appointments and accept your team’s treatment and homecare recommendations. They are your ideal patients and they are your best resource for more patients just like them – engaged patients refer more than 50% of your new patients.
A highly engaged patient base will happily become practice ambassadors without too much prompting, but how do you ensure that your patients-of-record are talking to the people in their sphere of influence about your dental practice?
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