Dr. Cynthia Sclater

Dr. Cynthia Sclater

Practice Background

Dr. Cynthia Sclater owns and operates Gentle Family Dentistry whose mission is to provide dental health care over disease care in a relaxing, positive, and non-judgemental environment.


  • Doctor production up by 15%       
  • New patients up 170% (from 37 to 64 per month)
  • Newsletter consistently #1 referral source!

Advice To Other Dentists & Their Teams...

  • Our #1 tip to book more new-patient appointments is … be friendly when people call!
  • When you try a new marketing plan, stick with it before you decide it doesn’t work. Consistency is everything and don’t expect immediate results. You never know where someone is in their buying cycle. Someone could have just had a cleaning with their old dentist, so it could take 6 months for them to call you. We have also had people say they would love to visit us, but we don’t take their insurance … and low and behold, they switch their insurance a year later to one we accept and now they are our patients!
  • The marketing intelligence (targeting, call tracking and scoring, results) is presented in a concise manner that is extremely helpful. The newsletter works and is continually our #1 referral source. We feel a newsletter offers more bang for the buck (over postcards) and doesn’t get lost in the daily stack of mail. 
  • Advice for inbound calls ... don’t rush the call. Let the personality of your front desk shine through. Sometimes being a little less scripted helps.
  • Get involved in your community, don’t ignore the power of social media, and ask for feedback. Track your referral sources. 


About Dr. Sclater

The best thing about being a dentist is making someone happy to smile again. 

The worst thing about being a dentist is not having enough hours in the day to take care of as many people as I would like. And insurance!

The two best things I have ever purchased for my practice is CEREC® and Waterlase®.

I support my community by trying to never say “no” when a patient asks me for sponsorship. This year, our local donations included cancer fundraisers, athletic competitions, the fire department, and a day of free dentistry.

When not practicing dentistry, I love to ski, cheer for my son at his soccer games, do water sports on Chesapeake Bay – and to run. My first half marathon was last February!