Dr. Dykstra's Success With A Strong Patient Focus

Dr. Bradley Dykstra

Practice Background

Dr. Bradley Dykstra owns and operates Hudsonville Dental Associates, situated in a suburban community, offering family and cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, and pedodontics with the highest degree of personal touch.

Client since: Summer 2011

Programs: Patient Acquisition Newsletter, Patient Acquisition Postcard, Patient Retention Newsletter

Q&A With Dr. Bradley Dykstra

Our practice is successful because we have a strong focus on the patient. Our number-one objective each day is to give the patient the best dental customer service and dental treatment they have ever received. We are a “yes” office. We can usually get our new patients in the very next day, certainly within the next week, depending on their schedule.

Our focus for 2013 is growth. By giving our patients more in value than what they pay for, we “wow” them in the process - critical for both patient retention and acquisition. For this fiscal year, we’ve set our growth goal at 25%.

Our practice is unique because we use leading-edge technology to enable us to be high-touch and focus on giving our patients the best dental experience they have ever had in a dental office.

The best thing about working with Patient News is Jean, our Account Manager. She’s very helpful and keeps us on schedule ... and always with a cheerful voice.

Our best tip to book more new patient appointments is always say “yes!” and have enough capacity to schedule patients in when they want to come in.

The best things I added to the practice (descending order): intraoral cameras, digital radiography and electronic records, lasers, and digital scanning.

The offers patients respond to most: Complimentary 2nd Opinion & Free Whitening.

I keep track of my marketing ROI by reviewing call tracking results (a free service from Patient News) and by using excel spreadsheets.

The biggest influence on becoming a dentist was working with my hands and with people.

The best thing about being a dentist is changing people’s lives.

Younger dentists today should love what they do!

The last books I read were Winning With People by John Maxwell and Taking People With You by John Novak - both about communication, human relationships, and leadership.

I support my local community through the Giving Smiles, Creating Hope program (patients nominate someone to receive free dental work) and Dentistry From The Heart (free community dentistry day). We also sponsor community little league, soccer, and high school athletics.