Neighborhood Newsletters

It's proven! Neighborhood Newsletters drive 70% HIGHER new-patient call volume than postcards.


Get 70% more
new-patient calls!


Conducted in 300 unique demographic markets, both mailer styles featured the same content, imagery, and offers and targeted the same recipients. For every 10 calls generated by a postcard, a newsletter generated 17.

That's significant and that's why we recommend newsletters as your number-one choice.

Plus newsletters enhance your professional reputation and build more positive awareness for your dental practice. Book a FREE Consultation now.

Reach more new patients!

The ace in your dental marketing campaign: custom direct mail dental newsletters that provide educational content sent to your target market on a monthly basis highlighting your competitive advantages.

Neighborhood Messaging & Style

Imagine your brand, your content, your expertise!

Riverdale Dental Your target audience, the female head-of-household, responds to quality information.

Our process starts with us getting to know you. We learn everything we can about you and your brand including identifying your key attributes and reviewing your marketing experiences, successes, challenges, and current goals. We analyze your market using sophisticated technologies to uncover your best opportunities for growth.

We combine this knowledge and understanding of dental marketing experience to create a unique and truly customized campaign that targets your area, establishing you as the dental expert consumers should turn to first. We track and monitor your results to ensure your practice is on a positive growth trajectory.