Dental Office Telephone Training

Make excellent customer service a top practice differentiator

In a way, as dental professionals, a big part of your team’s job is persuasion. Your hygiene team persuades floss-avoiders to improve their homecare routines and you and your treatment coordinators persuade patients to accept recommendations.


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To stay competitive and grow your dental practice you must attract and book a steady flow of new dental patients. When you're investing in dental marketing to attract more new dental patients you must have a team that is trained and engaged in supporting your efforts. You need their engagement in your marketing success.

Dental marketing campaigns that drive more new dental patients must be supported by a trained and professional call handling team. For your dental practice to be as successful as it can be, you must provide your front line team with the training and tools they need, and ensure that they take responsibility for their role in practice growth.

If your practice isn’t able to persuade new patients to book appointments at your practice, you could be missing a HUGE opportunity to keep your practice hopping ... and your profits growing. With an estimated 30-50% of new patients lost at front desk, a well-trained, cohesive, and confident team can amp up your production.

A surprising number of dental practices do not have telephone handling as part of their new patient acquisition strategy.

That’s why we include Phone Power, our Telephone Training Program for our Marketing Performance Dashboard clients.

This fantastic program has been especially designed to help your front line team convert more new patient calls to appointments.

Phone Power Telephone Training has been developed based on industry best-practice, and includes videos, workbooks, scripting and collateral specifically for the dental consumer market. We help your dental team refresh their skills, ongoing call scoring help you hone in on specific training needs, and the program will assist when you're onboarding new team members to your dental office to ensure you don't see a dip in new patient appointments when you have to hand over the phone from an experienced receptionist.

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The Marketing Performance Dashboard and Phone Power Telephone Training will help your dental office continuously improve the rate of new dental patients you see. Afterall, the more new patients you can generate, the more opportunity your dental practice will have. More treatment acceptance, more referrals, more revenue and more financial and competitive security.

Make excellent customer service one of your practice differentiators to win more new patients.

A skilled front line team member will establish rapport with each prospective patient, capture valuable new patient information, overcome caller objections and schedule an appointment for the caller’s first visit – ideally they may book additional family members on the single call!

New patients are the lifeblood of your practice and the sooner you can schedule them, the better it is for your practice. The responsibility for these conversions falls solely on your front desk team.

It’s important to establish guidelines for new patient call handling so that your team knows what they need to do. That inbound call is a direct connection from a potential new patient to your practice. The person who answers that call IS YOUR PRACTICE to the caller. Your front desk team will embrace Phone Power.