Market Share Analysis

Do you understand your patient trade areas?

It’s likely you have a “good” idea of where your patients are coming from … but when you clearly understand your CORE group (those patients you have the highest likelihood to attract and keep), and what percentage of people just like them are not yet doing business with you, you can amp up your marketing results.

Market Share Analysis

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Patient analysis and patient profiling, versus trade area profiles, will identify the areas with the best opportunity, the highest index of response, where you can attract more

When you see how this patient profiling analysis of your existing patient pool reveals your best potential patients (those most likely to respond, stay and refer), along with their demographic makeup and how you should be marketing to increase your CORE patient base, you’ll be able to make more confident decisions about your marketing and advertising investments.

Along with this gap analysis, we’ll also uncover the developmental or secondary markets that you can consider targeting dependent on your growth goals as well as your niche areas (high likelihood to respond but low potential volume) and areas that you should just totally forget and avoid wasting dollars on. Get a higher profile of prospective patients with a deeper analysis of existing patients. It’s more than understanding that you have 40% of a certain area … it’s about understanding that when you understand the potential to attract more people like them.

Find Out Who's Between You And Your Patients & Prospects

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