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Smiling woman on headset. It is important for dental practices to train employees in telephone practices.
Attractive woman thinking When dentists begin to plan their dental advertising campaigns, they can have several preliminary questions.
Dentist holding up a sign that reads "wellness." Driving more traffic through your front door is often easier said than done. As a dentist, you understand the importance of patient acquisition, and while you provide your customers with superior oral health care, you don't always know the best avenue for marketing and branding your business.
Spotted white horses with the middle one painted. If you want to grow your practice into a thriving organization, you need to build a reputation in the marketplace of being the superior oral health care provider in the community.
Your dental practice needs a comprehensive marketing plan Your dental practice is a business. Like all businesses, you need a comprehensive marketing plan. Read more on the need for a dental marketing plan.
Five people in business attire on computers Great customer service is the fulcrum of growing your practice. A well-trained team is the first step to achieving that level of excellence.
Man reading the newspaper Print advertising and marketing remains a highly influential way for dentists to get more patients
Older woman in pink shirt answering a cell phone. If you own your own oral health care practice, your first order of business probably isn't implementing a dental marketing strategy, but it should be.
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