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Stand out from the crowd with direct mailAre you confident that your marketing is doing all it can to help 

Consolidate your call tracking and scoring information with a dental dashboard, to monitor your marketing performance and make better business decisions.

Call Tracking AND Scoring

Improve your dental marketing results

You’re investing time and resources into the development of your new-patient marketing campaigns because you want to attract a steady flow of incoming quality new dental patients. But…

Are you proactively tracking which campaigns are driving the best results?

Campaign Performance Reviews

Evaluating marketing and practice performance is crucial for continuous growth. You need complete visibility of your results so that you can see exactly what each campaign contributes to your practice production. You also need to know how your team is performing in response to your marketing. This is why your Patient News Account Manager works closely with you and your team to set, review, and reassess key objectives with specific and measurable goals.

Dental Office Telephone Training

Make excellent customer service a top practice differentiator

In a way, as dental professionals, a big part of your team’s job is persuasion. Your hygiene team persuades floss-avoiders to improve their homecare routines and you and your treatment coordinators persuade patients to accept recommendations.


Generally, dental patients don’t travel great distances to receive their oral care. People perceive that all dentists are the same, so unless they have…
Over 80% of people open their mail the day it’s received and open whatever looks interesting. The neuroscience behind the response-driving power of direct mail found that direct mail outperforms digital.
Market share is a key to profitability. Patient News can help you understand your market share and to increase it when marketing your dental practice.
You establish your team’s ability to give a new patient excellent customer service as soon as you answer their first phone call. It sets the tone for their entire relationship with you.
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