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Fortunately, Business Intelligence (BI) tools can bring clarity. BI tools, like the Patient News’ Marketing Performance Dashboard (MPD), provide structure to data and consolidate it into a logical understandable format from which you and our team can make educated decisions to guide marketing initiatives and channel (offline or online) choice.
We think we’re a great dental marketing company … because we have great dentists to work with. If you’re a successful dentist who wants to grow, book a free Discovery Session.
Dental patient satisfaction surveys Dental patient satisfaction surveys strengthen your patient relationships and provide insight on how to improve your dental services.
Dentists are required to speak publicly every day. Here’s how to hone speaking skills to increase profits.
Competing dental practices are doing more marketing, making it tougher and tougher to attract new patients. Follow a proven direct mail marketing process and drive higher results.
Segmenting a target audience allows a dental practice to focus on what matters to that audience. It allows the practice to prioritize resources to save time and money while generating more dental patients.
Ever wonder if you’re doing all you can to answer and convert new-patient calls to your dental practice? The amazing “What-If” Calculator on our Marketing Performance Dashboard will show you and your team what an improvement to live-call-answer and call-conversion rates could mean to dental practice profit.
Double – or even quadruple – your new-patent bookings with this simple scripting technique.

The great thing for dentists is that you can build trust with the people living in your dental practice neighborhood – by using a dental newsletter in combination with your supportive dental website. By marketing your practice using direct mail newsletters that educate just enough without overwhelming, you are creating a subtle difference in the minds of your prospects. In their minds, you move from being just another dentist to being the dental professional to trust when there is a need.

We spend a lot of time at our place of business. We want to be surrounded by positive people who support our business vision and want to learn and grow.
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