Motivate Your Dental Team

3 tips to fire them up about the future of your practice


Just like your dental patients, members of your team are feeling anxious and uneasy about the future. They miss their jobs, interacting with patients in the office, and having contact with the outside world.  

It may prove challenging to get out of this COVID-19-induced slumpBut there are things you can do – now and in the future – to energize your team with what the future has in store and their integral role in getting the practice back into full swing and back on track 

Tip #1 – Check IWith Your Team 

Patients appreciate hearing from you. Your team will too. Schedule a weekly virtual huddle or call team members individually to: 

  • find out how they’re doing 
  • listen to their thoughts and feelings 
  • ask for ideas/input on what they think could help turn the business around 
  • answer any unemployment-related questions (if applicable) 
  • keep them abreast of what’s happening in the dental industry (opening dates, etc.). 

    Tip #2 – Communicate Your Post-Pandemic Goals  

    Your post-pandemic goal isn’t to be confused with your dental practice’s overall vision and mission. That doesn’t change. This is the one big goal you’re all going to focus on – intensely – as you head into the recovery phase. Here are a few examples:  

    Within the first two months of reopening, we will schedule 80% of our top-value patients whose treatment plans include outstanding care.” 

    “We will work hard to achieve a call-conversion rate of 77% (top 10% of practices) during a two-week appointment booking blitz.”  

    “Our first month back in business will be our most profitable month of the entire year.” 

    Tip #3 – Offer A One-Time Bonus 

    If you are, or will be, in a position to reward your team for extraordinary performance during this unprecedented time, consider itIf they achieve any of the goals mentioned in the previous tip, thank them and reward them. A delightful incentive can really get them firing on all cylinders. 

    Whatever your goals are, everyone must be on board. A major victory will push your practice over this hump. When determining the right bonus amount, you must consider the profit you plan to make. Use money from collections to distribute the bonus.  


    Your team wants to get back to work as badly as you do. They want to help patients again. And they want to be part of your comeback story. Try using these tips to inspire themshow you care about their well-being, and demonstrate that you are going to be by their side through it all. 

    If you’d like additional support, like front-desk training, monitoring, and ongoing guidance, our expert team at Patient News can help. Give us a call at 888-377-2404.