Oral Tips For Jetsetters


With travel becoming a reality again, it’s important to not only prioritize a diligent away-from-home oral care routine, but to set yourself up for dental success before your trip.

Here are some travel tips that apply whether you’re home or away:

    • Pack extra oral hygiene accessories – they may not be replaceable.
    • Store your toothbrush in a container with air holes.
    • Keep oral hygiene tools dry and clean.
    • If you forget your toothbrush, flossing and using mouthwash works in a pinch.
    • When purchasing a toothbrush, always select a soft-bristled option.
    • Don’t share toothbrushes as oral bacteria and blood-borne diseases can be passed this way.
    • Wash your hands before flossing and brushing.
    • Use bottled water to brush teeth when you are abroad.
    • If you run out of toothpaste, brush with water. If your technique is correct, plaque will still be removed.
    Have a great trip, and remember... a healthy smile is always in style!