The Only New Patient Acquisition Program of it's Kind

  • Attract new patients who need your services and have the proven ability to pay.  
  • Build awareness of your practice and the services you offer.  
  • Promote your practice as THE source for authoritative dental information.  
  • Increase the number and quality of appointments.
Want to secure and protect your future by increasing practice production? Most successful dentists do this with a customized patient newsletter mailed to patient homes every quarter.
This blog highlights the top stories of 2017 including dental marketing ideas, dental marketing mistakes to avoid, and marketing tips to grow your dental practice.
Your online presence means more than a dental website. Your practice must think of digital marketing with a synergistic mindset.
The difference between good customer service and great customer service isn’t always at the forefront of our minds, nor do we always recognize that we’re only giving good service instead of great, which we should be giving.
Though it’s not a regular topic of discussion, direct mail strategies, tools, technology, and processes have dramatically changed. Sophisticated direct mail strategies are now defined by how well you’re able to identify, segment, and target people.
Do you want to increase production? It will take your entrepreneurial chutzpah. You need data. You need team training. You need to commit.
Woman whispering to another woman. Here are some tips on how to earn a patient's trust.
Prospective patients. In the dentistry world, practice owners need to engage with prospective patients in meaningful ways if they want to grow their businesses.
Woman and man with the text - pass on a smile. In the dental industry, you have to be consistent in how you market your practice if you want to succeed.
A group of multi-racial woman looking up. In the dental industry, revenue streams are reliant on a variety of key metrics such as patient retention rates and sales figures.
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