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Put The Spotlight On Your Office With Dental Brochures

Help patients see why they want and need your services

Well-designed dental brochures can serve a crucial role in winning more referrals and new dental patients. While we all live in a very digital world, dental brochures provide a tangible promotional tool that can distinguish your practice from other offices. Having a professionally produced brochure to hand out to all new patients will help them see why your practice is different, will help them clearly understand your services, and most importantly, dental brochures out in your patient community will help increase patient referrals.

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Dental brochures by Patient NEWS are:

  • Custom written & designed

  • Printed on bright white, 100lb paper

  • Printed on FSC paper, sourced from managed forests

  • High-quality, professional & effective.

Showcase your dental practice and make it easy for patients to share what you do with a high-quality dental brochure!
Trendy young couple scans a dental brochure at their dentist's office

When a new patient arrives at your practice, it’s essential to be able to give them a tangible reminder of how fantastic your team is and all the services you offer. In fact, if your practice is more proactive about getting contact information from patients who don’t book, or those who come for a free consultation and don’t move forward, mailing your dental brochures with a personal note from the dentist can make a lasting impression. Dentist brochures serve that purpose.

Knowledge is Power – That’s Why Dental Brochures Work

Apprehensive woman bites her lip while thinking about visiting the dentist

More than half the population avoids dental appointments – until they need urgent care. There are several reasons why they don’t go, including fear, cost, and the mistaken belief it isn’t necessary for them.

This is why dental patient education is key. Education and communication will help these potential patients realize just how important regular trips to the dentist are in combination with adequate at-home hygiene care. Custom dentist brochures about your dental specialty services, orthodontics, dental implants, etc., can help increase case acceptance.

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Consider your brand image and patient population

What will resonate with patients? Is a contemporary design with a modern appeal suited to your area? Or do your dentist brochures need a softer approach that will help to alleviate patient anxiety for younger families or seniors who may have had bad experiences in the past?

Examples of dental brochures produced by dental marketing agency Patient NEWS

Dental brochures by Patient NEWS turn heads

We’ll create the brochure patients can’t help but notice, keep, and share! They’re handy to have in your office and will keep you top-of-mind and visible in homes and your community. They’ll also drive visits to your dental website and social media channels. And for your convenience, we’ll ship them directly to your door, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of picking them up at the post office!

Dentist brochures in a mail carrier's hand

Where else can your brochures get you more patients?

Your dental office isn’t the only place for brochures. Use them to get your name out there in the following ways:

  • share your brochures at community events
  • encourage your team to hand them out to friends and family
  • insert with your patient newsletter to encourage referrals
  • provide copies for display with referring professionals.
Our team of dental marketing experts will work closely with you to create a dental office brochure that is authentic and accurate. When you work with the professionals at Patient NEWS, your brochure will set you apart as a dental authority and the expert patients can trust.
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Your Questions Answered

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Are dental brochures expensive?

The word “expensive” is relative. Is a Mercedes expensive to you? Is teeth whitening expensive? We would say that dental brochures are absolutely not expensive. Instead, dental brochures are a small investment in patient education that is essential to your practice and a must-have item.

What else can I do with my dental brochures?

When you have your dental brochures printed and they professionally represent your dental office, you can share these with referring companies in your area. If you have a referral relationship with other specialty or medical offices in your area, it helps to provide a little more information about your practice when they’re going to refer a dental patient to you. Tri-folded brochures can be inserted with your patient newsletter mailing (which is inserted into a #10 bright white envelope for increased readership) to encourage sharing to increase new dental patient referrals.

Why would I even bother with an old-fashioned brochure?

A well-designed modern brochure will highlight your services, your key competitive advantages, and the values of your practice. With images of you and your team, it will personalize you and build a perception of trust. Tangible, beautiful dental brochures will get the attention of potential patients and strengthen loyalty of existing patients.

I have business cards with a referral info on the back. Why do a big brochure?

Business cards are convenient, but they can get lost in the pile. When was the last time you kept a business card after you entered the contact information in your phone? A dental brochure offers credibility, it’s tangible so it has shelf-life, and your dentist brochure shows patients that you’re investing in your dental practice and that you’re a high-quality provider that’s committed to patient care.