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Cash-In On These Timely Valuable Reasons For Direct Mail

Over 80% of people open their mail the day it’s received and open whatever looks interesting. The neuroscience behind the response-driving power of direct mail found that direct mail outperforms...


What Do My Ideal New Patients Want To Hear?

Women – who make or influence up to 92% of their family’s purchasing decisions – respond to warm, welcoming, high-quality messages that make them feel good about their good decisions. Creating guilt...


Be Prepared With Awesome Pre-Prepared Scripts

You establish your team’s ability to give a new patient excellent customer service as soon as you answer their first phone call. It sets the tone for their entire relationship with you. 


Find Out How To Increase Practice Value By Forward Planning

For more than 15 years, dentists just like you have been chatting about how they can be one of the 3% who can retire by age 60 and what they might do to maximize their savings when they achieve that...


Who Holds The Most Power At Your Dental Practice?

For your dental practice to remain successful, you need to maximize efforts to schedule the new patients who call in response to your neighborhood dental marketing strategies and referral programs. 


Are You Marketing The Right Way … To The Right Audience?

Before developing methods to address the challenge of being seen, being relevant, and being contacted, marketers must find or create a need and then provide the solution. 


10 Top Ways To Increase Practice Value

When you are building your brand to sell your business and marketing pre-sale, you want to build awareness of the practice itself – the technology, convenience, and location. This way, when you sell...


Why You Need A Unique Value Proposition

A strong UVP will readily summarize why the people who live in the market area surrounding your dental practice should use your dental services.


This Is Gold: Top 5 Tips For Marketing Content Success

When marketing to women, there are 5 key players in the “game of connection.” Just like in a real live sports contest, each player is critical to success. Remove one or more players, and the game can...