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3 Top Tips That Will Make Your Message Resonate

Just like in other areas of your life, communication with a potential patient is a critical way to develop and maintain positive trusting relationships. 


How To Create A Marketing Plan That Works

An integral part of running your successful dental practice business is being aware of who your ideal customers are and how to get more just like them.


Is It All About You … Or Your Patients?

When you expose a prospect’s need and present the solution to their pain point, make it about them. 


How To Find Your Best Patients In Your Neighborhood

Generally, dental patients don’t travel great distances to receive their oral care. People perceive that all dentists are the same, so unless they have…


This Is How To Quickly Get The Phone Ringing!

As we learned from the Boston Consulting Group survey, across all six key female consumer segments opportunities exist for all marketers to make improvements to their dental marketing message. 


How To Keep Your New Patients

Now it’s time to really WOW each new patient and secure your new relationship by building the loyalty that you already enjoy with your long-term patients of record. 


Cash-In On These Timely Valuable Reasons For Direct Mail

Over 80% of people open their mail the day it’s received and open whatever looks interesting. The neuroscience behind the response-driving power of direct mail found that direct mail outperforms...


What Do My Ideal New Patients Want To Hear?

Women – who make or influence up to 92% of their family’s purchasing decisions – respond to warm, welcoming, high-quality messages that make them feel good about their good decisions. Creating guilt...


Be Prepared With Awesome Pre-Prepared Scripts

You establish your team’s ability to give a new patient excellent customer service as soon as you answer their first phone call. It sets the tone for their entire relationship with you.