Dr. Fueredi - They Are Now A Standard In Our Office

Dr. Barbara Fueredi owns and operates a family practice with her husband Dr. David Clary. They have provided the highest standard of dental and specialist health care to their patients and families in Naples for over 25 years.

Dr. Kirby L. Hart

I recommend Patient News if you’re in need of a fresh new presence in your community. PNP marketing is a great reminder that you’re available immediately to new patients!

Dr. Douglas Pennino

“The area analysis helps us zero in on locations to target, the MPD has helped us improve our front desk scheduling, and our Account Manager has helped us understand our results better. The best thing about working with Patient News is the effectiveness. Patient News works” – Dr. Douglas Pennino

Eagle Falls Dentistry

“Patient News helps us bring in new patients and retain existing patients. The newsletters Patient News puts together are customizable to best fit your practice. We’ve tried creating our newsletter in-house and it is a lot of work.” – Eagle Falls Dentistry

Dr. Christopher Menghini

“What I can tell you about Patient News is their comprehensive marketing programs are definitely worth it!” – Dr. Christopher Menghini

Dr. Sam J. Nechamkin

Finding Patient News was like a dream come true. I love the idea of giving them a call and having it “done.” The phone rings off the hook all month long and the fact that the results are trackable is icing on the cake! – John Geren, Marketing Director, Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry

Dr. Peter Richards

I've been totally pleased with the customer service and quality of the newsletter (and content) since we've been using Patient News.

Dr. Afshin Azimi - Tripled new-patient flow!

Dr. Barbara Fueredi

I recommend Patient News if you want a collaboration with a very knowledgeable group of people for print, social media, and email. The content is timely and can be written especially for your practice. I have found that my consultant (Account Manager Jean Broersma) has developed a relationship with me over the years and understands me and my practice.

Dr. Mike Malone

In today's world, it's unusual to find a company that actually follows through on promises and commitments, but PNP has delivered.
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