Dr. Baxter B. Sapp

Dr. Randy Fussell

Dr. Johnson Hagood

Dr. Dennis Wells

Our newsletter is a powerful tool and involves and inspires both staff and patients. Forming relationships of trust is something we value, and communicating with our patients on a regular basis helps us to establish and maintain important bonds. Quality, flexibility, and top-notch customer service describe this newsletter company. I recommend you give PNP a call.

Dr. Brian Olitsky

Dr. John Harre

Dr. Wissam Ali

Dr. Johnn Griffith

Mills & Shannon Dentistry

We are very satisfied with the response to our newsletter. We had 14 patients respond to our whitening promotion!

Dr. Johnn Griffith

I still kick myself for not having started sending my PNP newsletters sooner. Sort of like the person who says: If I had only bought that piece of property back then! And now I can see the positive results of continuing to market my practice especially through tough times.

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