Dr. John Stanescu

Dr. John Jameson

Dr. Herbert Schneider

Dr. Scott Mogelof

Lewisporte Dental Clinic, Lewisporte NL

Park Place Dental Centre

Excellent customer service! Staff is very on the ball and quick to respond to emails. We're very, very happy. Product quality is beautiful, we love the look and feel! We already received a few emails from patients wanting to book appointments! PNP produces an A+ product across the board! It's worth every penny.

Beacon Dental Center

We have had 36 unique callers since we started 5 weeks ago!

Grimsby Dental Care

Connie, our account manager, is fantastic! Always returns my calls right away. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, and pleasant to deal with.

Beausejour Dental Centre

We have seen good response from our patient newsletter. We are very satisfied with the awesome customer service and good product quality.

Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor

Good customer service. Good product quality. We are satisfied!

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