The Mighty Mineral


You’ve heard it from your mother, and we’re here to confirm that it’s true! If you want strong teeth and bones, you need sufficient calcium every day of your life. Medical studies link osteoporosis (a bone-weakening disease) prevention with a diet that includes regular calcium intake and daily exercise. But how much do you need?

The most effective amount for adults ranges from 1000-1200 mg a day. Vitamin D and magnesium help calcium absorption, which is especially important for caffeine drinkers since caffeine interferes with your body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Calcium is just as important for growing children. We recommend 700 mg a day of calcium for kids up to 3 years of age; 1000 mg for children aged 4-8; and 1300 mg for those 9-18 years old. Much of what we eat and drink contains calcium, with dairy products being your best source. Adults can get their recommended daily amount by drinking 3-4 glasses of milk, or an equivalent measure of cheese (1½ ounces of cheese equals an eight-ounce glass of milk). Many orange juices are now fortified with calcium, and fresh vegetables like broccoli and collard greens, and canned seafood like sardines and salmon, are also high in calcium.

Are you curious about whether your teeth are getting enough of this mighty mineral? Call us today and we’ll be happy to chat.