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Love the Fish! Philosophy. Choose your attitude, play, be present, and make someone’s day!

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Current Job Postings

Motivated & enthusiastic, we’re always on the look out for great candidates...

  • Experienced Marketing Consultants
  • Direct & Digital Marketing Experts
  • SEO/Web Specialists
  • Full-stack Software Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Email Automation & Production Specialists
  • Customer Service & Administration
  • Accounting & Analytics Specialists
  • Print Production/Warehouse Support

Culture & Philosophy

Our corporate culture and the respect and empowerment of employees is a core value. As entrepreneurs just like you, we’ve had the freedom to create unique employee programs that have made Patient NEWS a Top 100 Employer and great place to work. In turn, our enthusiastic team treats our clients with respect and professionalism. The Fish! Philosophy has played a big part in our culture and you’ll see fish (and DAWGS – our dogs at work group) throughout Patient NEWS!
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FISH! Philosophy

We adopted the Fish! Philosophy into our core values in 2001. The famous book Fish! by Stephen C. Lundin tells the story about the fish market in Seattle. PNP’s Fish! Philosophy can been seen throughout all of our activities, events, and culture. It’s a perfect motto for a group of individuals working together and it’s also practical in life. The four key tenets are:

  • Find Ways to Play – We can be serious about our work but not ourselves
  • Make Someone’s Day – Find someone who needs a little encouragement and reach out
  • Be Present – Stay focused for clients and team members
  • Choose Your Attitude – Being positive will make today a great day

At Patient NEWS, we value our fun, positive, creative environment and with these ideals in mind, we continue to recognize excellence in the workplace with our employee selected “Fish Of The Day”!

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