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Will Dental Patients Spend More For YOU? The Answer Is Yes.

Persuasion happens in the brain in seconds.
At this speed, do patients know why your practice is different?

A recent blog by speaker, author, and international consultant Jaynie Smith confirmed that, yes, every one of us will pay more for services, but only when the value of what we buy is defined at buying-decision time.

Don’t believe patients will pay more? Smith elaborated … do we grocery shop at the dollar store? Drive a cheap car? Have a certain cell phone?

Smith cites Peloton as an example. The company reported 172% sales surge through the pandemic and over 1 million using their monthly subscription. The only reason their results haven’t been higher is lack of product. Do you have a Peloton? It’s pretty likely. It’s the latest cool shiny toy. Peloton’s CFO reported that, while this is a high-value toy, 50% of bikes were sold to households making less than $100k. It’s just so cool to talk about your Peloton, it’s prestigious, movie stars use them. That’s why people will pay more to have one when you could have a similar experience with a good old stationary bike and your iPad!

Is dentistry like a Peloton? In that having a defined value proposition, ensuring that your target consumers know you, understand how you’re different, and why they should choose you, then yes. Your practice can and should be the Peloton of dentistry in your community.

So how do you do that? By applying a little neuroscience, a little persuasion, and a lot of visibility to your practice through your marketing initiatives. Consistency, authority, reciprocity, social proof … the right messages to the right people.

This is what we help dentists do best at Patient NEWS. There is a reason that, on average, our dental marketing clients have not only returned to pre-COVID-19 production levels but have also experienced year-over-year production gains in the last three months. If you’re not where you want to be, schedule a free consultation with our team now … then read the rest of this blog that outlines some of what we do.

Our process is proven. It works. It’s working for hundreds of dental offices just like yours. Our team can help you persuade more high-value new patients to choose your practice and appeal to pre-existing active patients that have been slow to return or slow to accept elective treatments.

To get your dental patients to spend more money with your practice, you’ll want to consider the following.

Differentiate. Do patients know how you are different or better? I can’t tell you how many dentists say, “I think we’re the best” when they’re onboarding with Patient NEWS. You probably say that too. It’s great that you think that (I think Patient NEWS is the best at what we do too), but that’s not enough. It’s important that YOUR PATIENTS perceive and believe you to be the best. The team at Patient NEWS will spend time to understand your practice, your situation, your services, your competitors, and your audience, to craft messaging for your campaigns that will be powerfully persuasive and that will help your practice truly differentiate and stand out.

Format. 100% FSC certified paper. We use high-quality jumbo postcards in some instances, but our 4-page neighborhood newsletter format truly differentiates. It’s not just the newsletter format, but also the bright white, 100lb, super-high-quality paper and printing. When Patient NEWS prepares your dental newsletters, your mailings will stand out when they arrive in homes.

Authority. The information included in your dental newsletters is complete and full. It is truthful and accurate. It is relevant to your practice and your target audience. And we write your messages so that the information is easy-to-understand, and select imagery that supports your brand, and the tone of the messaging, keeping it very relevant to your market. In this blog, I am referring to our printing and direct mail marketing, but I have to point out we do this for all digital marketing campaigns – websites, paid media, SEO content, social marketing. We are experts in authoritative dental marketing content.

Visibility & social proof. Your team at Patient NEWS will select your best patient reviews to be featured in your newsletters that speak to the needs of your target audience. With thousands of dental campaigns analyzed, we know what patients need to see and hear before selecting a dental practitioner. We understand the impressions you need to make to gain persuasion and begin to influence the actions of your market. We are all strongly influenced by others (remember your Peloton?), so by including the right messages with the right patient testimonials given by patients who are perceived as peers of your target-audience, your target audience will be influenced. This makes your practice not only more visible to prospects, but more respected as THE choice in your community. You know your market area needs your services – now you need to make them want your services.

The right market. Your team at Patient NEWS takes a deep dive into the demographics of your market area, clearly mapping out your current market share and helping you target the best households, the ones most likely to choose your dental office once they’re very aware that you’re easily accessible to them and that you have the services they need and WANT.

High-quality communications from your practice to patients and prospective patients will significantly improve your dental practice visibility and elevate your practice credibility as an authority in your field. The positive educational content builds awareness and understanding of the importance of oral health in the eyes of your audience.

You want to appeal to the needs to your target audience, whether existing patients or new patients, and reassure patients that not only is it safe to visit your dental practice, it’s important that they do.

Brian Tracy has famously said, “Your ability to persuade and influence people is one of the most important skills and qualities you can develop.” This will enable your dental practice to share your skills and expertise with more patients in your community, helping them to be healthier and happier.

You and your team are experts at persuasion with patients in the chair. You find what they want and need and then you show them how they can get that with you. The team at Patient NEWS are experts in the power of persuasion in dental marketing campaigns – particularly neighborhood newsletters which allow you to communicate with patients and prospects in their homes using powerful messaging that helps patients find what they want and that shows them how you can help – in the comfort of their homes!

And no direct mail blog would be complete without mentioning Practice ZEBRA. This is how you will know, down to the penny patients spend, that your marketing investments are working to positively move the needle at your practice. With Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA, you truly have the BEST dental marketing partner. We’re the Peloton of dental marketing – super cool and fun – and also extremely effective and successful.

Leverage the knowledge Patient NEWS can provide to you to help your practice communicate in a positive way, differentiate your practice, and stand out within your patient community. You can grow by using Patient NEWS – production and profits (and practice valuation).

“The more people you know and who know you in a positive way, the luckier you will be.” – Brian Tracy