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25% More NEW Patients

In 2023, Patient NEWS® clients gained 25% MORE new patients than industry average! 25% MORE!

Congratulations to our amazing, dedicated, growth-oriented clients and the Patient NEWS team that supported them to help make this happen. It’s a 100% team effort!

  1. It starts with dentists and their teams who are open-minded, curious, enthusiastic, committed to growth, and follow expert recommendations for continuous improvements.
  2. It’s followed by consistent campaign execution that’s suited to the competitive level of the market and the goals of the practice. Proactive, high-quality, targeted direct mail; high-converting, well-designed websites with appropriate SEO efforts; targeted paid media; insightful results tracking; and regular program reviews for continuous improvement.

Finding effective and advanced strategies to drive interest from your ideal new patients living in your service area is of primary importance to dental offices that want to grow and succeed.

Right now, dental offices have a unique opportunity to hit new patient and production goals with a few fairly simple strategies.

According to Dental Products Report, to sustain an established patient base, a practice needs to increase its number of new patients by 10-15% annually, year over year. When the practice is looking for growth, additional new patient flow will be required.

The key to acquiring a healthy flow of quality new patients is consistency and effective execution – from content development to deployment to inbound call handling and scheduling at the practice.


One of the best, non-spammy methods dental offices use to get more quality new patients is to write and mail content their ideal patient would want to read. Read is the keyword here, not scan. Providing value-added content unlocks a whole new level of effective new-patient acquisition. Here’s another stat: In a review of our newer clients that launched a neighborhood newsletter campaign between 6 and 12 months ago, the average projected ROI is 7.5:1 – within 6 to 12 months! That’s impressive.

  • Mail monthly to precisely targeted homes
  • Include content that resonates with your audience and makes your practice stand out
  • Answer the phone/remove barriers to convenient scheduling!


You want your website to focus on converting patients. It needs to be fast and efficient. That means making sure that it functions in a mobile view. (We all know how painful it is to visit a website and find that the phone number isn’t clickable!) It must also help patients find and get what they are interested in – quickly. That means fast-loading pages and easy-to-understand navigation. If you’re using an online scheduler, make sure it’s set up to get new patients that convenient appointment they want without hassle.

The ROI for our clients’ new website campaigns launched in the last 6 to 12 months came in at 37:1. Fantastic.

  • Have fast page load times, don’t forget the mobile experience, and watch for scheduling barriers
  • People don’t like change, so know this and use anticipated navigation for desktop and mobile (hamburger menus on desktop might look cool, but desktop users then have to “figure it out”)
  • Ensure you’re ranking for the search terms people are searching!

So, is a 7:1 ROI any good?

If you bought a house for $200,000 and now it’s worth $300,000, ROI would be 50%, or what we’d call a 1.5:1 return. The actual average goal for real estate ROI is 10%, and stocks are at 7%. So, when we say direct mail ROI averages 7:1, in relation to that real estate investment of $200,000, you would expect to generate production of $1.4 million. That’s pretty good when you compare it to that house that gained 50% and delivered $300,000! Also, when we say 7:1 ROI, that’s based on actual new patient value and a one-year expected spend, which is based on actual historical data. We’re not making this up! And that figure DOESN’T include what those patients will spend over their lifetime with the practice!

When implemented correctly, direct mail and website campaigns generate great results – and the proof is there. Users of Patient NEWS marketing services in 2023 realized 25% more new patients than the average dental practice. Over time, this adds up to big bucks and more profit as this level of growth can be fit into existing overhead!

C’mon! Call our team now and book a consult to find out how you can gain market share for your practice in 2024. (888) 377-2404!

Read what some of our amazing clients have to say:

Direct Mail for The Practice Whisperer:

“Direct mail is the most consistent marketing type. Most failure comes from internal system failures – phone conversion, patient experience, treatment diagnosis and acceptance, and collections. I’ve worked with Patient NEWS since 2020 for both of my practices and can attest to the effectiveness of their proven systems, which truly help dental offices realize highly successful results from their direct mail campaigns.” – Dr. Travis Campbell, 10:1 ROI

Website/Direct Mail Combo for Northern Peaks:

“We love Patient NEWS! We have had a great experience, first with their newsletters and now our website. Everyone we have worked with is excellent, from the design team to our account managers. So glad we found them!” – Dr. Emerson Godbolt, 39:1 web/8.9:1 print/overall 17:1 ROI

The Bentist, with 15 million followers on TikTok, chose Patient NEWS to produce his website campaign:

“Patient NEWS allowed me to have a system that captures prospective patients, gets them in the office, and gives us the necessary data to navigate our growth into the future. Highly recommend.” – Dr. Ben Winters

Powerhouse Dental VIP:

“I know what I want. Quality patients, revenue generation, and relevant information about practice metrics. Patient NEWS delivered all three.” – Dr. Hazel Glasper, Revive Dental

Don’t wait. Don’t freeze. Get on a call with the team at Patient NEWS and grow your market share and practice production with dental marketing that works! And great service!

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