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As part of Practice ZEBRA, this dental software solution allows you to:

  • view any day through your schedule appointment screen

  • see all providers in a single view or filter

  • quickly identify who’s confirmed and who isn’t, and if a reminder needs to be sent

  • view patient cards full of information about the individual and their appointment.

Get More Patients To Show Up Using Dental Appointment Reminders

Send out a friendly nudge & increase practice profit with this system

The main reason over 30% of patients don’t show up is because they forget. That and they didn’t get a dental appointment reminder. No-show rates can soar to 55% when a dental practice does not have a reminder system in place. And because the average patient is worth $1,000 per year, this can pile up and make a big dent in your bottom line.

But you can stomp out this common issue with Patient NEWS’ quick & easy automated appointment reminders.

Dental appointment reminders reduce no-shows!

How Our System Gets More Patients In The Chair

Through a combination of sophisticated practice intelligence, automated email, and text messages, a series of automated reminders (text and/or email) go directly to your patients.

Important note: In order for this communication to reach your patients, you must have valid contact information in your practice management software. Practice ZEBRA provides clear reports for missing and/or invalid email and cell phone contact information to ensure your marketing message hits its mark!

Closeup of hand holding a smart phone while the other hand goes to touch the screen
Sample email and text dental appointment reminders created by Patient NEWS
It looks like this:

You want patients to receive confirmations that are easy to read with all the pertinent details branded to your practice. And with communications personalized with each patient’s name, response is greater. And don’t worry when you have a family with multiple appointments, because Practice ZEBRA Appointment Reminders’ artificial intelligence knows to include them all. Patients can easily “Add to Calendar” to have details about their future appointment automatically synced to their calendar in their device.

Text and email formats ensure patients can respond in their preferred formats. Once confirmed, the appointment confirmation will appear in your office’s calendar in Practice ZEBRA! This makes tracking the flow of patients super-easy for your team. Plus, you can quickly spot holes to fill in the schedule.

One simple calendar to see who’s confirmed & who isn’t

It’s effortless! Immediately know who has confirmed and who hasn’t with ConfirmSync. Practice ZEBRA immediately syncs confirmations directly to your calendar in your practice management system so you have no need to manually update or check multiple locations.

Now, you don’t have to keep track of multiple calendars to know what the days ahead look like! Plus convenient 2-way patient texting allows you to quickly respond to patients, without tying up phone lines. And when you work with our team at Patient NEWS, we’ll do all the setup work. How fantastic is that?

Screenshot of Practice ZEBRA's dental appointments calendar window

It’s all managed in one convenient location…

When you subscribe to Practice ZEBRA, the leading practice and marketing intelligence software available for dentists, you’ll be able to use our appointment reminders right away!

It’s simple to manage the entire program in your account. Your patients will receive clear, detailed messages that make it easy for them to confirm appointments.

As a result, you’ll…

  • keep your operatories booked
  • free up staff time (no need to call to remind them)
  • save time & improve efficiency
  • build brand awareness
  • eliminate no-shows & grow production
Screenshot of Practice ZEBRA's dashboard with red circle and arrow pointing to Appointments calendar feature
Patients want to hear from you – and they’ll appreciate it

When it comes to letting patients know they have an appointment on the horizon, email and text are preferred. According to Patterson Dental, 30% of people who have been to the dentist in the last 2.5 years say they want to get an appointment reminder via text message. Email was a close runner-up with 28% choosing it as their preferred method of communication. The telephone came third at 25% followed by direct mail at 17%.

Happy female dental patient receives a dental appointment reminder on her mobile phone

If a patient prefers not to receive appointment reminders, you can remove them from the distribution list with the click of a button. We like to make things easy for you!

Most patients appreciate this extra effort from their dentist and won’t forget. It’s yet another key differentiator that sets your practice apart from the rest. And best of all, it hardly takes any time to set up!

Happy female dental patient receives a dental appointment reminder on her mobile phone
Don’t miss out on all the benefits that come with our appointment reminder software for dentists! Gear up to get ahead and make up for lost production from unnecessary cancellations. Avoid the frustration of no-shows – make it a thing of the past. We can help, so your team doesn’t have to stress about trying to look after it. Automating these reminders will alleviate their anxiety about it as well as yours.

Your Questions Answered

Open FAQs To Read Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Appointment Reminders

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Should I have any legal concerns when it comes to sending patients dental appointment reminders?

Email, text, and phone messages, like dental appointment reminders from Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA, are all legal and compliant. And our dental appointment reminders are specifically designed for dentists. When you sign up for the dental patient scheduling software in Practice ZEBRA, we will provide you a confidentiality agreement for your confidence and satisfaction.

What’s the best way to inform the patient that we use dental appointment reminders?

First, we recommend giving the patient the option of selecting their preferred method of communication when welcoming them to your practice. If you’ve missed that, or patients have been around for a while, you can use the patient card in Practice ZEBRA to update contact information, follow a daily task to review patient cards for those attending appointments and confirm the best way to get in touch. All of Practice ZEBRA dental marketing automation uses AI to ensure that your patient communication requests are followed. It will help your practice keep patients satisfied and loyal.

Is this dental appointment reminder program HIPAA-compliant?

This is a question dentists ask us on a regular basis. The answer is yes! The US Department of Health & Human Services states, “…appointment reminders are considered part of treatment of an individual and, therefore, can be made with an authorization.” Having said that, it’s still important to be responsive to any requests patients put forward about receiving appointment reminders.

How does Practice ZEBRA dental appointment reminder software know which patient to contact?

Through PMS integration, your dental appointment software knows just which dental patients haven’t yet confirmed their appointment. That’s why you want to choose a reliable dental marketing automation solution that’s been created by a reputable provider like Patient NEWS. An agency that truly understands the dental patient journey and strives to enhance the patient experience at your dental office.

Are millennials the only patients who will look at dental appointment reminders sent by text?

Not at all. Older generations appreciate them as well. A whopping 67% of boomers are on board with SMS messages and want to get one from their health care provider. Practice ZEBRA’s dental appointment software is welcomed and appreciated by dentists.

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