Call scoring dial that shows a range of results

Call scoring from Patient NEWS makes it possible to:

  • identify training & coaching needs
  • implement scripts & guidelines for new-patient calls
  • respond more quickly to new-patient inquiries & provide better customer service
  • make marketing, operational & process improvements
  • get more new patients!

Improve Dental Marketing Results With Call Conversion Scoring

Sharpening phone skills improves marketing results & boosts dental production

You’re getting the word out about your dental practice, but are you confident your dental practice is converting as many new patients as you should be? With call conversion scoring, you won’t guess ... or worse ... worry.

Without the time to assess how incoming calls are being handled, knowing what’s happening on new-patient calls is guesswork. Call-conversion scoring is the remedy that will support your team and allow you to drastically improve dental marketing results.

“Call scoring helps me see where my front desk team is doing great or needs help.” – Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy

Drilling down to the importance of effective call handling

Screenshot of call scoring metrics in Practice ZEBRA used to improve dental marketing results

As many as 50% of new-patient opportunities are lost at the front desk. Is this happening at your practice? Do you know your lost-opportunity rate? On average, each new patient lost costs your practice somewhere around $5,000 in lifetime value. And then, those folks you’ve lost sprint their way to your competition – helping them grow their practice value instead of yours.

Want to gain more top-value patients through your dental marketing campaigns? The critical ingredient is call handling! Knowing what to say and how to say it to WOW new patient callers is something top call handlers practice. It’s a skill that boosts overall marketing results and it truly sets successful dental offices apart.

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Improve Dental Marketing Results With Our System

Middle-aged male call scorer listens to a call while looking at his computer monitor

Our team of trained and experienced call scorers provide you with unbiased results and real-time analytics. Every call is listened to – not just a sampling – and the results are available almost immediately. You get actionable data that not only allows us to provide coaching to help your practice to improve results, but you’ll also capture more new-patient opportunities from all inbound new-patient calls from every campaign and patient referral!

See your results ... The results for all your call handlers are visible in Practice ZEBRA, the ultimate dental marketing software solution to increase production and practice value.

And get this … ALL your calls are recorded and can be listened to by you or your team at any time. Although you may not get around to listening to each one, we believe you should have access to all of them so you can review a specific call if you choose. Each call comes with a word cloud which helps you see the focus on each call at a glance. And if you feel a score isn’t quite right, no problem, we’ll listen again and re-score the call to ensure quality or you can adjust the re-score of any call you want to yourself. Complete clarity of results.

This is also our way of providing the highest level of transparency you should come to expect from a dental marketing agency.


Why A Consistent Approach To Call Scoring Is Best

Dental practices that try to self-monitor and score their calls usually have a hard time succeeding. That’s because they’re trying to cram it into what is an already full schedule. And what are you looking for? What needs to be in a call to deem it successful? And what do you do with the information you might glean? We bet you know the feeling of trying to achieve more and more!

Ripped sheet of paper reveals a message that reads consistency is key

It’s virtually impossible to accumulate the “big picture” data when you can only listen to calls sporadically. With Patient NEWS you don’t have to waste time or rely on anecdotal one-off indicators, you can rely on the full picture with accurate results reporting and actionable insights to help your team improve job performance and convert more new patients!

Call scoring & tracking provide the best results together

With every marketing campaign (whether Neighborhood Newsletters, WebLift or Paid Media), we assign a unique phone number to assist you in tracking results. This is so that we can “track” who is calling, when, from where, and more. It’s known as call tracking. And because of it, we can attach results to every campaign, evaluate the results, and make changes if necessary.

At Patient NEWS, we offer comprehensive phone-call solutions so that you don’t have to implement them yourself without the advantage of sophisticated technology and proven results.

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Access to exceptional account management & training

On top of call scoring for dental practices, we’ll partner your practice with an experienced Account Manager whose job is not only to bring more calls to your office, but assist you in maximizing the value of those calls. When they first join us, most dental teams believe they’re converting 70-80% of calls. In most cases, it turns out the office is missing up to 50% of calls. This uncovers a BIG opportunity for improvement of overall practice production performance without spending more on marketing! We can help!

Phone Power telephone training from Patient NEWS will help your team hone their skills and powerfully close the call, bringing more patients through your door.

Your practice can improve dental marketing results and call conversion with call tracking, scoring, and training. These proven dental call management tools will immediately impact your results and immediately helping your practice to become more efficient and profitable.

Your Questions Answered

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What are the benefits of scoring?

Ongoing call scoring helps you hone in on specific training needs. And it will assist when you’re onboarding new team members to your dental office to ensure you don’t see a dip in new-patient appointments when you have to hand over the phone to them from an experienced receptionist.

What about artificial intelligence? Do you rely on it to get calls scored?

While we utilize artificial intelligence to pick up on keywords that are used in conversations, we don’t recommend solely relying on it for call scoring for dental practices, as there is still room for error. We rely heavily on a team of trained, professional call scorers (real, live people!) to get the very best analysis possible of each call that comes into your practice.

Can I get an instant alert each time a call isn’t answered live by my team or when it ends up in voicemail?

Yes! That’s another one of the great features built into Practice ZEBRA. When set up, Instant Lost Opportunity Alerts lets you know – within seconds – that a patient, whose call has just ended, has not booked an appointment.

What is the cost of your call scoring service?

Absolutely nothing! Yes, believe it or not, at Patient NEWS, we provide free call scoring to all our valued clients who are marketing to potential patients in their area. We also offer 5- and 10-line call tracking packages that make monitoring multiple marketing campaigns – whether they’re from Patient NEWS or not – completely painless.