Client Reviews

Dr. Dilip Dudhat
Dr. Dilip Dudhat Dudhat Dental Group (& official dentist of the Philadelphia Eagles)

I am so glad I stayed with Patient News as they have been so supportive, innovative, professional, and responsive. They have contributed significant values towards my success. I look forward too many more years of success from having their strong support in marketing my practices.

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Megan Winters
Megan Winters Wincrest Orthodontics (home of TikTok’s The Bentist with over 10M followers)

Absolutely have loved working with our team at Patient News. They are so willing to help in which ever way they can, and they have truly taken our ideas and have come up with exactly what we envisioned. Couldn't recommend them enough!

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Dr. Carlo Biasucci
Dr. Carlo Biasucci CEO, The Elite Practice

Patient News and Practice Zebra help us coach our clients for growth and success. We implemented these technologies in 2019 and, even during the pandemic through 2020, our clients achieved a 117% improvement over 2019. The consolidated reporting makes it easy to manage multiple coaching clients. I highly recommend Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA as both an end user and as a consultant.

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Chris McClure
Chris McClure Co-Founder, Aligned Dental Partners

Patient News does everything right. My consulting firm works with emerging DSOs, group practices, and entrepreneurial dentists. We needed a marketing firm to support our clients and started working with Patient NEWS, dental marketing, and Practice ZEBRA, dental software, in 2018. The high-quality digital and direct mail marketing solutions hit the mark for our clients. In addition, ZEBRA technology, with business and marketing intelligence, call tracking, scoring, and coaching has helped our clients to become more productive and efficient.

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Dr. Luigi Massa, CEO

Partnering with Patient NEWS, the number-one benefit that we’ve seen, is access to real-time data.

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Dr. Michael Rodriguez
Dr. Michael Rodriguez OCEAN DENTAL STUDIO

Highly recommended. Patient News [marketing] works so well, it’s almost scary. I’m very grateful to have them on my team.

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Dr. Hiren Patel

I love working with Patient NEWS, you can trust their knowledgeable team to help you put the best patient communication strategies in place. If you’re looking to recover from COVID faster, give Patient News a call. Patient NEWS is the best dental marketing company you can choose – and check out Practice ZEBRA-great platform to track success of your marketing efforts and more! I highly recommend Patient NEWS & Practice ZEBRA for successful dentists. They are top-notch people and have your true interest in their hearts. Plus the first direct mail campaign I ran with them got the phone ringing like anything for both my offices. On practice Zebra, they also have Phone training for your team answering the calls. Overall Great company, great people, great quality of service, and great value with all they offer. You will love them and they will deliver.

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Dr. Jason Monroe

Working with the team at Patient News has been amazing. They made me feel so special. Warm and welcoming. I knew they’d be the right people.

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Dr. Hazel Glasper
Dr. Hazel Glasper REVIVE DENTAL

This marketing has done what I needed. I am a woman who knows what I want. Quality patients, revenue generation, and relevant information about practice metrics. Patient News delivered all three.

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Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy

I first started working with Patient News on an acquisition newsletter and to develop and launch my new practice website. We had so many new patients call that initially, we had to put the newsletter on hold until my associate returned from mat leave! Call tracking lets me know where my calls are coming from, call scoring helps me see where my front desk team is doing great or needs help, and the Marketing Performance Dashboard shows my results in one easy interface! Highly recommended!

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Patient News dental marketing is best-in-class when it comes to direct mail for dentists. I have been referring my clients for years and can attest to the comprehensive and proven system they have in place to ensure your mailings are precisely targeted to attract the ideal new patient and engage and retain existing patients. And their team is awesome to work with! Highly recommend if you want to grow your practice.

I have been doing newsletters with Patient News (PNP) forever. Fortunately, PNP has moved with the times and now does websites. They also help me with my online presence. This is most helpful, since I know NOTHING about the digital world and how it works. [They] really understand this and have been extremely patient with me and my time, as we try to move into the online digital world. We average 43.6 new clients per month from our online presence. This has exceeded our draw from signage. Thank you for your outstanding guidance.

As a dentist of 30+ years who is now focused on the business side of the industry as an M&A advisor and business development consultant, I can say that the dental landscape is changing, and that’s a good thing! It is very important to use technology to better manage your individual or group practice – especially when it comes to analytics, patient communications, patient lead generation, branding, and your social media presence. I see way too many situations where this is left for someone to do “part-time” or “sometimes” internally. My recommendation is to work with an outside, experienced, dental exclusive marketing company such as Patient NEWS and their Practice ZEBRA program. This will allow your practice or DSO/group to realize both short-term and long-term benefits – increase collections NOW while also increasing EBITDA and overall practice/group VALUE for LATER!

We have had many years of positive support and service from Patient News. They are organized, responsive, and dedicated to ensuring that we achieve success and tangible benefits from working with them. They also devise and implement quality tools, such as their dashboards, telephone tracking and scoring, and they provide amazing training and tools, all at no added charge -- they seem to genuinely care about our success. Yes, the printing and campaigns cost money, but they provide commensurate value and service. Thanks for everything, Patient News.

It's important to have a company work alongside your business that you can trust. Patient News is just that company! Thank you for always making a difference and treating your customers to extreme value!

We are a multi-doctor practice just outside of Chicago. We have been working with Patient News for more than a decade in multiple areas of marketing and advertising. We have had much success with their marketing tools. They have been in the top 3 revenue-making referrals every year for the past 5 years running. This past year we have also implemented PNP doing all of our social media after they completely renovated our website! Our online presence has skyrocketed!. We could not recommend them highly enough. In this day and age, you have to be so savvy in the web design, interactive areas of your online presence as well as staying on top of the market in this industry. Patient News Publishing has taken all of my worries away and allows me to concentrate on other aspects of running a competitive business.

I have been doing newsletters with PNP forever. Fortunately, PNP has moved with the times and now does web sites. They also help me with my online presence. This is most helpful since I know NOTHING about the digital world and how it works. really understand this and has been extremely patient with me and my time, as we try to move into the online digital world. We average 43.6 new clients per month from our online presence. This has exceeded our draw from signage. Thank you for your outstanding guidance.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patient News for several years now, and their results for my dental clients have been consistently positive. What I think sets them apart from most marketing companies I've interacted with in the past is that they truly care. They care about their data. They care about your data, and they care about getting you results. Their practice intelligence and marketing automation software, Practice ZEBRA is a game-changer for dental offices, providing actionable key performance metrics, important patient reporting, instant lost opportunity, reputation management, scheduling support, and much more. Their digital and direct mail dental marketing campaigns are based on proven methodologies that drive growth for dentists. I would highly recommend you call Patient News if you’re looking to grow your practice.