Dental Marketing To Help You STAND OUT & Grow

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Welcome to Patient NEWS dental marketing!

I recently signed up for a new app and a few days later a “tips & tricks” email came through asking me if I was getting the most out of the system, with a link to check out a blog post that was sort of a welcome to their service with highlights about exactly what it offered. That inspired me to do the same for Patient NEWS, for our clients, and for potential clients who might be perusing our site, especially since we have so much available that you might not realize everything you can benefit from. We are really awesome!

And always, per my first bullet (below), you can call us at 888-377-2404 and talk to a real person or schedule a consultation meeting that’s convenient for you!

So here’s how we help dental offices & DSOs STAND OUT & Grow!

1. Dedicated dental marketing experts.

With Patient NEWS, you’re not stuck with a ticket system or only using chat to solve your issues. You have a dedicated team of experts who spend time to get to know you and your team, and because of our almost 29 years exclusively working in the dental industry, we understand the various goals of solo and group practices.

We are real people, we answer the phone, you can call our President, our CEO, anyone on our team, anytime. Our entire team, both front- and back-of-house, are dedicated to providing 100% client satisfaction. We respond quickly to email or text, and we love to ZOOM! We are dental people too! We love dentistry!

a) Tip: Communication is critical for success. Your Account Manager is here to assist and help you achieve your goals. Always reach out; no question is too silly or too small.

b) Tip: We care about your success. Bigtime. Ask for any type of market analysis, competitor review, online audit, market share report, or practice benchmark reports to better strategize how easy-breezy it can be to retain more patients and attract more new ones.

2. Demographics for a dental practice location

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To create the most effective marketing campaigns, direct mail, websites, and paid media, we utilize many leading technologies, like Esri demographics, to really understand your demographic, buying personas, competitive landscape, online presence, and market area. We give you much much more than a typical report with general data.

You’ll see some of this during your initial consultation and onboarding period (if you haven’t started with us, call today to request a market area analysis – it’s actually completely complimentary for everyone). And when you’re engaged in direct mail with us, your Account Manager regularly reviews this detailed market data to ensure precise targeting and messaging for your core audience and to ensure you’re not missing out on core areas.

a) Tip: Dentist-to-Family ratio really impacts awareness and marketing results. When you understand this, you can implement strategies to overcome the challenge.

b) Tip: Drive-time and current market share are closely related and can help precisely target areas primed for success. Your Account Manager can show you both and how they compare.

3. Practice ZEBRA, dental software

Dental Software

It’s sometimes been hard to describe Practice ZEBRA because the technology offers so much. It truly is an enhancement tool to the other software you use in your practice. It brings your critical metrics to the forefront in an easy-to-use interface, like patient values (do you know how much more a new patient is worth to your practice versus an existing patient and how that could impact production?), scheduling, attrition, insurance, and it provides marketing intelligence like patient demographics, market share, call metrics, conversion data, and ROI per campaign tied right to actual patient production. It also has a full suite of automated patient communications, with targeted emails to patients at various stages with your practice.

a) Tip: For your patient or neighborhood newsletters, you can have any article or bio customized, written by our experienced editorial team. You can even get our Managing Editor to work on your unique piece. Just ask your Account Manager.

b) Tip: An educated patient is a more valuable patient. New patients generated from our neighborhood newsletters typically contribute more production than other new patients.

4. Dental marketing expertise
As I mentioned in bullet 1., we have been creating marketing campaigns for dentists since 1993. Yes, we feel like we’re getting up there. I love it that we existed before Google, before Facebook, before Amazon, before Harry Potter. You know what this means to you? We are here for you. We have tenure, we have a reputation (that’s great), we aren’t a brand-new dental marketing agency. We have a researched, proven, and tested system for helping dentists acquire new patients and retain existing patients. And we’re so perfect for the dental industry because the foundation of our marketing programs is PATIENT EDUCATION. No one does dental content like Patient NEWS.

a) Tip: Pull a ZEBRAbite benchmark report and then track your progress. This report offers incredible insights, industry comparables, and helps you see opportunities clearly.

b) Tip: All automated patient communications available in ZEBRA are free with your subscription. You could save hundreds of dollars being spent on other software that you really don’t need when you can consolidate your communications via ZEBRA.

5. Targeted dental marketing strategies for dentists

The dental patient journey doesn’t start at online search. It starts with awareness of the dental need and awareness of your practice as the solution. And it doesn’t end with search; it extends into the patient experience through their lifetime of doing business with your practice.

Today’s dental consumer has high expectations, they have choice at their fingertips, and unfortunately, there is a perception that all dentists offer the same thing. Hey, that’s why our mantra is to help dentists who want to stand out. We are here to differentiate your practice throughout the patient journey.

Practice Awareness: Customized direct mail, neighborhood newsletters, postcards, paid ads

Patient Research: Modern, fast websites (the fastest in dentistry), 100% white-hat SEO, patient reviews, listings, social media

Buying Decision: Call tracking, recording & scoring, instant alerts, texting, call coaching, dental brochures

Patient Experience: Newsletters, email, referrals, reactivations, reminders, scheduling, patient education

a) Tip: Ask your Account Manager what your marketing plan is missing, and where your opportunities lie, to generate more advocacy and growth for your practice.

b) Tip: Are you really happy with your current website? Request a free web audit & consultation.

6. Training & resources

We work hard on our blog to try to provide value each time we post and email. Use the search icon on our website to look for the topic you’re interested in. We share industry metrics, client stories, and things that we continue to learn about practice management, improving marketing results, finding opportunities, and improving patient care. Our regular emails are designed to educate you on the results we’re seeing, industry trends we identify, and solutions we have to help your practice experience more success.

Phone Power call coaching is free in Practice ZEBRA for anyone on your team to take, anytime. It’s a pretty quick video series, and hey, if you get one more tip that helps you book one more new patient (that’s around $1800 more production for the average practice in exchange for an hour in training). This program is best-in-class when it comes to converting a new dental patient.

Take advantage of these resources and let your Account Manager know if you want more information about a challenge you’re facing. We can’t help with things like staffing shortages, but we can help you with topics related to better patient communications and marketing results.

I think there are some insights in some of the Google reviews we’ve received…

  • “…they’ve been so supportive, innovative, professional, and responsive…” – Dilip Dudhat, Dudhat Dental Group & Philadelphia Eagles official dentist

  • “…thank you for always making a difference and treating your customers to extreme value…” – Dr. Jason Monroe, Village Green Dental Center

  • “…so willing to help in which ever way they can …” – Megan Winters, Wincrest Orthodontics, home of TikTok’s massive dental star, The Bentist

  • “…Patient News does everything right …” – Chris McClure, Co-Founder, Aligned Dental Partners

I’m sure I have missed a boatload of items that our Account Managers would yell out at me that we do for our clients. They are quite an awesome team who is passionate, I mean passionate, about getting what they need and want for their clients. I don’t think any client who has worked with us can really comprehend how hard our team works on their behalf. I’m amazed by the work they do, and I tip my hat to them. That’s something that’s unique in today’s B2B environment, they CARE! And the entire team behind them hustles every day to deliver.

So here we are, little Patient NEWS that launched in 1993 with patient newsletters for dentists – do you know how many people are amazed that that could become a business?!! When I tell people what I do outside of our industry, an eyebrow always raises! LOL. And here we are in 2021, survivors of COVID closures of 100% of our client base in March/April 2020 – can you imagine?!! We are still owned and operated by Wayne Lavery, CEO and Karen Galley, President, and love the thousands of dentists and industry relationships we’ve built in all that time. We’ve worked hard, and will continue to work hard, to invest, innovate, deliver exceptional service, and help our clients to differentiate and stand out and grow with a myriad of supporting tools.

Here’s to your dental office or group being more successful and differentiated in your local market. Call your Account Manager today for more information about any of the items noted in this blog! Cheers. JB