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Dental marketing trends to maximize 2022 profits

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to look at current business results, the latest consumer trends, and begin to formulate your plan for what changes or improvements can be made to make 2022 different. And better. For your practice, your team, your patients.

Our team works hard to continually make what we do better. To make better things happen for our clients. Clients who are experiencing record revenue as we come to the close of 2021.

The past year took putting customers first to a new level due to rapidly changing consumer expectations. Shifting work and home lives have created better opportunities for growth for our dental clients.

For 2022, according to Forbes, providing an easy experience between channels, where patients can move effortlessly between direct mail to digital and have a cohesive experience, is priority. Making people feel special, as we reported in a recent blog, needs to be part of your strategy. Consumers of all ages are looking for more meaningful connections with brands, particularly your highest value demographics, and they want to use local businesses.

The latest from Forrester research shows weary consumers, a reset of expectations, and some lingering fear around physical and financial health, tempered with optimism about post-pandemic recovery – they also report that consumers are looking to find brands, products, and experiences that provide an immediate sense of happiness, comfort, and relief.

The circumstances of the past 18 months have greatly changed us in the dental industry. But it’s a new day, with new possibilities, so as you look at driving growth and success, you don’t have to let those circumstances impact the opportunities that these trends reveal – very specifically for successful dental offices looking to go to the next level.

Here’s how one client reacted to these circumstances with a targeted direct mail campaign that took their practice from flatlining and decline to growth. Pre-pandemic they had achieved over $1 million in production and were quite comfortable. However, they are in a competitive market, off the beaten path with no great area visibility, and had never marketed to attract new patients (which can often make it an even more intense commitment to wait for awareness to build). And to top it off, they were dealing with lack of hygiene and front office support (like so many of you) and the desire to drop insurances. The pandemic hit them hard. It was a big leap to invest in direct mail to the area and to patients-of-record, but the dentist didn’t let past fears or circumstance hold them back. Since launch in June, they’ve increased new-patient flow by 70% and are on track to hit $1.5 Million in 2021 – their best year ever!

At Patient NEWS, we are more enthusiastic, objective, and results-driven than we’ve ever been.

  • What do you want for your dental office or DSO in 2022?
  • What is possible to achieve based on your current situation?
  • What tactics will help you get there?
  • Are you committed to making it happen?

It’s a time for re-set. Call 1-888-377-2404 to discuss your situation. I know we can help any dental office, dental consultant, or DSO stand out and grow. Whatever you think can’t be done, somebody else will come along and do it. We’ve seen this with the surge in group practice growth and activity, and with the stellar growth our active marketing clients are experiencing.

In the 17 months since recovery started in June 2020 our clients have had production that’s HIGHER than the past TWO years of revenue in 14 of those months. And the other 3 months were “right there.” These dental offices are 25% ahead of 2020 and 10% higher than 2019 as of the end of October.

So what is the potential for your practice or DSO growth? There’s lots of market out there to be taken. Dental offices that aren’t actively marketing to attract new patients AND to retain existing patients are missing out on available production and potentially hurting practice valuation.

  • Patients will respond. They just need to be aware and constantly reminded that you’re putting their needs first for convenience, safety, and overall wellbeing.
  • Patients need to be educated and constantly reminded about the importance of oral health and the link between oral and overall health.

When patients and prospective patients receive good information from your dental office on a regular basis, it reinforces your patient-centric approach. Good information helps them make good decisions for their families, and that sets dental offices apart. And when your messaging can also reinforce the self-improvement and confidence building side of dentistry, it’s a win-win. And those client growth stats prove it.

What do you feel will make a better experience for everyone, for your practice, your team, your patients?

Strong leaders know that it’s about making better connection, encouraging better involvement, and showing appreciation. You can easily inspire and encourage good things to happen for the health of your practice and your patients with enhanced communication.

What we do better at Patient NEWS is patient communication, in every sense. Direct mail to neighborhood residents that stands out and gets results. Patient newsletters by mail that reach 100% of your patient base help you connect and stand out. Automated communications provide a seamless and efficient system for your team, improving practice productivity and happiness of team and patients. Artificial intelligence (AI) finds opportunities and enhances service to maximize production. Our systems and solutions enable you and your team to show the value of what you bring to your community, both active patients and residents that reside around you. We enable you to share “big picture benefits” of your dental services. When you share information from your vantage point and help patients be more informed, they’ll know they’re better with you (or without you – but they will remember you). It’s a good thing to do.

It always makes us feel really great about what we do at Patient NEWS when we consider that we touch millions of households every year through our dental clients, with excellent oral health education – benefiting millions and millions of consumers and benefiting our clients with positive practice growth and security.

So what does 2022 bring?

For you, schedule a strategy session with your Account Manager or Marketing Consultant – 1-888-377-2404. We’ll update your benchmark reports, market share analysis, competitor research, and online audit so you have the metrics and data you want to make an objective decision about your strategy. On us. No fees to you.

For us, at Patient NEWS, it’s continued dedication to our core purpose and values. And continued use of the EOS system (entrepreneurial operating system) outlined in the book Traction by Gino Wickman, which we implemented over a year ago. We love it so much that we send it with every new client welcome box. We prioritize our decisions using Traction and being guided by our values.

Our Purpose:

To contribute to our clients’ success by providing customized solutions that will build and strengthen their patient relationships.

Our Values:

  • Excellence in innovation and product quality
  • Service with honesty, integrity, and professionalism
  • Our corporate culture, that intangible spirit, supported by our working and living environment, and through the respect and empowerment of employees as a team and as individuals
  • The environment and green business practices
  • Our fun, positive, creative, and energizing workplace
  • Community involvement and contribution at the employee and corporate level.

We’ll help you leverage your strengths and propel your practice to even greater success and growth in 2022. Delegate marketing to us and we’ll give you the traction you need!