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Be the dentist more patients trust & choose

Reputation management for dentists isn’t just about online reviews. While these are critical, many factors go into building a strong practice reputation.

That’s because people look at dental websites, browse social media pages, review direct mail, talk to friends and family – and check online reviews. It’s a full mix of resources that influences their buying decision.

At Patient NEWS, we have the tools and know-how to help your practice stand out from the crowd so that more new patients choose your practice or group over competitors.


97% of consumers read online reviews!

Deliver the “social proof” new patients want

More than 90% of consumers read online reviews. Just think about it… We refer to reviews when trying to find out more about the latest restaurant in town, picking the perfect travel destination, and choosing a new healthcare provider. And yes – that includes dentists!

Young female consumer in bright yellow shirt reads dentist reviews on smartphone

How many reviews does your practice or group have right now? If on Google and it’s less than 39, it’s critical to not only get that number up but reply to the positive and not-so-great reviews. Existing patients want to be acknowledged. Potential patients want to see how your practice handles feedback.

It’s vital to generate a steady flow of reviews and keep up with patient input. With Review Booster from Patient NEWS, that’s easy. A lot easier than trying to look at reviews now and then, whenever you get a chance … if you get a chance.

Screenshot of sample Review Booster email request and accompanying oral health article

Review Booster is an automated dental marketing review tool, built into Practice ZEBRA, that sends satisfied patients a reminder to write a review after their appointment.

If patients don’t respond to the text request, an email reminder is sent that includes next appointment dates PLUS a value-added oral health article – setting your practice apart.

Grow your dental office’s reviews, respond quickly in one simple dashboard, and manage responses. This is reputation management for dentists that delivers big results!

Improve reputation with front-desk phone training

Female dental receptionist at desk on computer

If phone-call handling was easy, all dental practices would be able to convert 100% of inbound calls with little effort. But it’s not easy. Team members must have a variety of skills and they need to have extensive knowledge of your practice, its services, mission, and overall goals. They need to be helpful, enthusiastic, persuasive, and have a sales mindset.

The first phone call will make the first live impression of your practice, and the person who answers the practice phone will “BE” the practice to the patient. Great telephone skills are significanlty impactful. Brush up technique with Phone Power Telephone Training – free right inside ZEBRA.

Our dental call coaching program comes with Practice ZEBRA and includes:

  • convenient, short, info-packed videos
  • best-in-class examples of scripting to overcome your most common objections
  • workbooks & account management support.
Covers of three of Patient NEWS Phone Power training documents

We help your dental team refresh their skills. Ongoing call scoring enables you to hone in on specific training needs, and the program will assist when you’re onboarding new team members to keep your practice reputation strong on the phone and in your community.

Shine on social media with superb content

Happy dental team gathers for a selfie photo

Social media use is at an all-time high and shows no signs of slowing. Dental practices, like all other businesses, must be present and active on channels like Facebook and Instagram. People of all ages have a smartphone and keep it within arm’s reach – even when they’re asleep! So, at any moment, they could interact with your practice.

Being active on social has a big impact on practice reputation. Your dental office can leverage social sites to share your brand voice, practice philosophies, philanthropic efforts, boosting the overall impression that patients and new patients have of your office.

Ripped piece of paper effect reveals the words online presence
Female dental patient smiles while looking at her tablet

An effective and up-to-date social media presence will allow your practice to:

  • raise brand awareness
  • keep the practice top of mind with existing patients
  • build trust with patients through dental office reviews
  • provide valuable information to prospects & patients, boosting practice reputation
  • elevate your practice as a dental authority.

Improve practice reputation with the power of direct mail

Direct mail can be a tremendous tool in your arsenol of building practice reputation. With the ability to share your voice, educate your target audience, and become a household name through consistent distribution, you can influence consumer perceptions regarding your brand and your reputation. Consider this reputation marketing:

  • Neighborhood newsletters with your competitive advantages plus educational content set you apart
  • High-quality jumbo postcards highlighting specialized services give recipients easy access to oral care
  • Custom patient newsletters reach active patients to keep them connected & impress with each edition
Yellow mailbox with door open to reveal Patient NEWS direct mail newsletter from their dentist
Three images depicting Patient NEWS print products including neighborhood newsletter, patient newsletter, and an envelope

When considering direct mail for reputation enhancement, also consider the format and presentation. At Patient NEWS you’ll only get high-quality FSC approved bright-white, heavy 100lb stock that will impress recipients, and the large 11×17 format of newsletters grabs attention and makes your practice stand out.

Patient newsletters are mailed in crisp #10 envelopes with your logo in full color. Plus we’ve been writing content for dentists just like you since 1993.

One of our core values is product quality. You can count on our direct mail services to boost and strengthen your reputation.

Screenshot of dental practice listing accuracy results from free website audit process Get a grade on your practice’s online presence

How you show up online impacts practice reputation. Is your website modern and refreshed? Are your listings consistent and accurate? Do you have a solid review strategy?

Screenshot of dental practice listing accuracy results from free website audit process
Our team of digital experts will give you these insights and more with a FREE web audit.
Two hands tilting up a tablet with technology icons being projected from screen

We use top-of-the-line award-winning dental marketing needs-assessment technology to let you know where your solo or group practice stands at this very moment. This analysis guides us in our recommendation of digital strategies to help your practice standout in your community and improve practice reputation.

Your Questions Answered

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How should our practice handle negative dentist reviews?

You can’t hide your negative reviews and there is no way to stop anyone from finding one online. The only thing you can do – and must do – is turn it into an opportunity. You can win back an unhappy patient or implement solutions, so the problem doesn’t happen again. Addressing the concerns of an upset patient and welcoming a private discussion about the issue shows readers your willingness to accept constructive criticism and to address difficult situations head-on in an effort to make unhappy patients happy.

How do I know if members of my team need dental call coaching?

With call scoring, a third party (a real person!) listens to the calls your team has with prospective and existing patients and grades them. Each call is evaluated on a variety of factors such as the greeting, reinforcement of competitive advantages, and whether an appointment was booked. Scoring is invaluable when it comes to analyzing how team members are handling new-patient inquiries and where improvements need to be made to book more appointments. Also, it makes it possible to maximize results on specific dental marketing campaigns and increase practice production.

When it comes to social media for dentists, which platforms are most effective?

We recommend all dentists have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are great for sharing stories, videos, and building engagement.

Are there any cons of using social media as a dentist?

The only downside is that it will require a bit of time to manage and respond to patients’ comments and messages. Set aside time for a team member to post 1-3 posts every week, that you acknowledge and/or respond to all engagement, and ensure that private messages get a response within 24 hours. After all, it could be a new patient reaching out about booking an appointment at your practice or a current patient could be messaging about an emergency situation. Monitor your social media channels every day.