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Review BOOSTER includes:

  • Text & Email + 2-way texting

  • Value-added educational content

  • Option to automate or send individually

  • Dashboard to manage & respond to reviews

Reputation Management For Dentists Made Easy

Earn your stripes & get more reviews with Review Booster!

When it comes to reputation management for dentists, online reviews are at the top of the list. It’s the “social proof” that influences buying decisions for 97% of consumers.

Stand out and differentiate your practice with lots of positive Google reviews. You’ll increase your visibility and BE FOUND more often online through reviews! Implementing reputation management for your dental practice will engage your patients and help you collect
more positive reviews.

Check out Review Booster™, designed specifically for dental practices. The average user experiences a 30% increase in positive online reviews.

“Fantastic service that works.” – Dr. Rod Johnson

Reviews are important to your patients

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Patients look at reviews to ensure a practice will meet their expectations and to further their buying decision. Almost 75% of people have looked online to find out about a dentist or medical care. Is your practice consistently generating a steady flow of positive reviews that reflect how fantastic your practice is?

Reviews help increase your visibility online. Reviews are the new word-of-mouth for dental offices. There’s no magic number for reviews, but you want to have more than your competitors! A Local Business Consumer Study finds the average consumer expects a business to have 40 reviews before trusting its star rating (up from 34 in 2017). And patients are both willing and happy to write a review when asked, and you can expect your star rating to improve after emailing and texting patients with a direct link to submit reviews.
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    Review Booster by Patient NEWS makes it possible to:
Review Booster is an automated reputation-management-for-dentists feature in Practice ZEBRA, the all-in-one dental marketing software solution designed to help you grow your dental practice. By using this review platform, you will increase positive reviews, make your practice more efficient, increase patient satisfaction, and help more patients (because more will trust your office).
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And because Review Booster gives patients details about their next appointment, you will reduce no-shows. As much as 10% of appointments are cancelled, according to survey data. Over time, that can really add up and crush your bottom line!


of people consider a positive online reputation to be very or extremely important when choosing a healthcare provider.

Average users see a 30% bump in positive reviews

Don’t be afraid of a negative review. These can serve you well. Consumers want to see a mix of reviews – positive and negative – to trust the good ones. The key is a steady flow of reviews that people can read and relate to.

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Patients who take the time to write a review will give you a very positive score – most of the time. Your dental team is awesome and reviews will reflect that. They key truly is “steady flow”. Recency makes a bigger difference than worrying about a negative review. Aging reviews can hurt the trust you want to build when prospects check you out online. Recency builds trust. And using the convenient responder dashboard, and our user guide for response writing, you can easily manage all reviews professionally.

Review Booster will help you accelerate practice growth by ensuring you see practice reviews from the most important sites. To put it simply, you will:

  • Practice ZEBRA’s patient danger reports & lost patient tracking
  • automated reminder programs
  • customized email promotions

Provide patients that friendly reminder to get the review

Every dental team should ask satisfied patients for an online review right after their appointment, just before they leave the practice. It’s not enough to get the review though – you need the automated follow up to make it easy for patients. Just like you, your patients lead busy lives. While they have good intentions, it’s easy to forget with their hectic daily routine and that’s where Review Booster becomes the best reputation management solution for your dental practice.

Asking patients for reviews works when post make it easy. It also shows you care and value their opinion. You can receive a steady flow of new reviews with our enhanced automated reputation management for dentists’ feature in Practice ZEBRA.

Sample email review request sent to patients through Practice ZEBRA's Review Booster marketing automation

Improve patient loyalty when you respond to all reviews

Did you know that more than half of consumers who post a review expect a response to be posted on the site? It’s proven that customer advocacy increases when businesses respond to a review. For example, Yelp users are 33% more likely to upgrade their review if a business responds with a personal message. Likewise, if a negative review is ignored, advocacy goes down.

Review Booster

With Practice ZEBRA, you can monitor reviews on all review sites, respond quickly, and use negative reviews as an opportunity to improve – and show patients and prospects you care!

Review Booster also pulls in and tracks reviews from all sites, so you can respond wherever the review is posted.

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Tips on how to respond with Review Booster

Being responsive to the words people share publicly about your practice helps establish trust throughout your practice neighborhood. Regardless of whether the review is positive or negative, acknowledging the review tells a lot about your practice and service skills.

You can’t stop a negative review from showing up. The good news is you can turn it into an opportunity. Be professional, be kind, and be supportive … like you are in your practice.

Need assistance using Review Booster? Run into a tricky-to-handle review? If at any time you need support, your dedicated account success manager would be glad to help.

With Review Booster, you’ll have a transparent online review process that ensures your prospects and patients-of-record know your reviews are real, meaningful, and valuable. Reputation management for dentists by Patient NEWS will set your practice apart.

Your Questions Answered

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What makes Review Booster unique from similar tools on the market?

Review Booster is a best-in-class platform designed specifically for dentists by leading dental marketing company Patient NEWS. Housed within Practice ZEBRA, it makes sending requests to patients seamless, either choosing which patients you want to receive or by automating sends after every appointment. Because Review Booster is managed by the team at Patient NEWS, every email request also includes a value-added oral health article and a note about scheduled appointments for that patient’s household. It’s a totally awesome reputation management platform for dentists.

Is Review Booster easy for my team to use?

Yes! We make it simple with clear instructions for our valued clients. You will receive a user guide that shows you how to use it and disable automated texts and emails. We’ve also included tips on how to respond to negative reviews and sample scripts you can customize. And your dedicated account success manager is available to help if you have questions. We’re making reputation management for dentists easy!

Do I have to pay extra to take advantage of this feature?

No! Review Booster comes with your subscription to Practice ZEBRA. Use it to its full potential when you sign up

How can online reviews help me improve my business?

Patients who appreciate the service you provide genuinely want to see you succeed. And because you make a positive impact on their lives at each appointment, they’re eager to open up and share about their experiences in your chair. The input they provide is valuable. For example, they might suggest a small change to your office environment that would make it warmer and more welcoming. Or perhaps there’s a service you’re not offering that a few patients have mentioned in their reviews. The more reviews you can get, the more you’ll learn about what patients already love about your practice, as well as what can be improved to enhance their experience.

Which sites can patients submit a review to through Review Booster?

When your patients receive a request from Review Booster, they’ll have the option of submitting their review on Google or Facebook. If the patient isn’t satisfied with how their appointment went, they are encouraged to click on a “Tell Us Why” button to submit their feedback. This way, you can connect with them directly and keep the comment offline.