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Increase Dental Marketing ROI With The Right Game Plan

Get the insights you need for informed decision-making!

Are top-quality patients coming to your practices in droves?
Is your team booking as many appointments as they can?
Are data and extensive research driving your marketing strategies?

If you don’t know or are uncertain about the answers to these questions, you can get them – and increase dental marketing ROI faster than you think!

First things first: Identify your ideal patient.

Not all patients are right for your practice, and you should never take a “spray and pray” approach in the hopes that something will stick. Instead, follow strategic and proven methods to attract your target patients and boost your ROI by:

  1. Identifying who your preferred patients are and where your core draw areas lie. Who do you want to attract to your practice? Analyze your existing patient base to pinpoint top draw areas that will increase your odds of attracting and keeping more valuable new patients, which will increase your dental marketing ROI.

  2. Knowing who you’re up against. Pro athletes and teams study their competition before they step in the ring or on the court. As your practice’s CEO, you’ve got to do the same. By finding out which competitors have their eye on your target patients, you can better ensure that you differentiate your practice with an airtight unique value proposition (UVP) and marketing content that communicates why prospective patients should choose you instead. A comprehensive analysis will show you which competitors need to be on your radar so you can have the upper hand.

  3. Using the info gathered from #1 and #2 to launch strategic omnichannel marketing campaigns. When it comes to the digital experience, ask yourself: Can new and existing dental patients easily find my practice online? Will they be impressed by what they see? Are they likely to call? Whether prospective patients learn about your practice through a newsletter campaign or a referral, they are very likely to do more research online, which is a key factor in the patient journey. You can bank on the fact that decision-makers (most often women head-of-households) will do their homework before picking a dentist to care for their family’s oral healthcare because they want to ensure they’re choosing the best team for their needs.

    To get the maximum ROI from marketing campaigns, you must have a digital presence that converts. Visitors expect a fast load time (research shows that it takes just 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your site!), to find the information they want easily, and to have a seamless digital experience. And that’s not all. Keep in mind that potential patients will also peruse your:

    • Online reviews
    • Social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok)
    • Listings, including Google Maps Platform and Google Business Profile.

  4. Tapping into your phone call data. Once your marketing campaigns reach prospective patients and they start reaching out to your practice, your front desk team must be ready to work their magic with superior customer service and persuasive communications skills that convert. If this area of focus is mishandled or lacking, your marketing initiatives will not deliver the ROI you want and expect.

    Does your team need help on this front? Call tracking and scoring can make a difference by allowing you to see the exact call response generated by your marketing initiatives and understand how your staff handles inbound calls. These insights will enable you to make operational decisions that will help increase the number of new patient opportunities your practice converts. Practice ZEBRA® from Patient NEWS® makes it possible with real-time data at your fingertips – anywhere, any time, and on any device!
  1. Using marketing intelligence to monitor campaign results. To make the most of every marketing dollar spent, it’s essential that your practice has detailed insights into which campaigns drive the most calls – and which ones don’t. Practice ZEBRA, our game-changing dental practice software, platform, and marketing automation tool, uses advanced analytics and attribution to connect your targeted direct mail campaigns to new patients and their specific production value, taking the guesswork out of your marketing. You’ll always know where your patients are coming from, where to direct your marketing budget, and where to make improvements to boost your bottom line.

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