Paid media has become a top dental marketing tool

Paid media allows you to promote your practice’s content through sponsored social media, paid search, display ads, and other multimedia. It’s an effective way to expand your practice’s brand reach and generate more traffic to your dental practice website, resulting in more new patients!

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Why invest in paid ads?

You might already have a great strategy earning clicks to your website, possibly through social media posts, blogs, or SEO strategies. The reality is that Google has decided to dedicate the first half of its search results with ads. If your practice isn’t there, you will lose clicks to competitors.

A paid media strategy allows you to target your local area and client demographic to generate more calls and appointment requests. The best part is you can track every impression, every click and conversion to understand the cost per conversion and ROI on your spend. If you want more new patients and to retain active patients, paid media is a key element of your overall marketing strategy.

Our approach to paid media for dental practices

Our dental marketing agency’s dynamic team of digital experts uses advanced strategies that target the most receptive audiences. When your goals are tied to KPIs the success of the strategy is easily tracked. This way, our paid media experts can optimize the strategy on a weekly basis. Your dedicated account success manager will continuously update you on these enhancements designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Targeting the right high-value patients with the right messaging, and always optimizing, is your key to paid media success.
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By partnering with Patient NEWS on your digital dental marketing strategy, you and your team don’t have to invest precious time into figuring out the back-end portion of PPC. Instead, you’ll be able to rely on a trained and proficient team to get you a healthy ROI and more patients contacting your practice. Your ads will look stunning on all devices and get across the right message from the get-go.