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In case you missed it, below are 5 quick links to the latest articles on dental marketing and dental consumer behavior that can help your practice get the action you want. If you feel like you’ve exhausted every method, tried every tactic, and are still not getting the results you want, check this out.

In the May 2022 ADA/HPI Outlook Report, dentists indicated that their schedules were about 86% full, with patient cancelations remaining the most common reason.

Comparatively, users of Patient NEWS® marketing services are posting production in 2022 that is 25% higher than pre-COVID 2019 and 10% higher than 2021! Rawk on Patient NEWS dentists!

Take advantage of Patient NEWS professional resources to propel your practice toward continued success.

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  • It’s Not Magic. It’s Training. – Call Training [read now]
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Patient NEWS offers a completely complimentary market and practice analysis to help you identify the many opportunities your practice has to increase production. I guarantee you’ll benefit from this process, you’ll find immediate action items and tremendous insights, and you have no obligation to work with us.

Why not get an unbiased view of how your marketing is working and how you might be able to increase new patients, improve retention, and boost production? Especially when it’s free!

And, our clients are outpacing the industry, so don’t you want to know what they’re doing? We can show you and share how you can do it too.

Our goal is to help you build and strengthen your patient relationships, and we do that by helping your practice STAND OUT in your area.

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