The art of effective phone call handling

In the eyes of prospective patients, the person who answers the phone at your practice IS the practice. The way they approach a conversation means everything.

Because how effective your team is at converting new-patient calls into appointments is critical to the success of your marketing and practice performance, Patient NEWS offers Phone Power, the best-in-class dental call coaching system, with all of your dental direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. Phone Power is embedded in Practice ZEBRA so you can watch anytime, train as many staff members as you like, and refer to the training materials at any time.

Illustration of one receptionist answering a call at desk while another answers a call next to a huge smart phone and patient

Think of your experiences when speaking to a representative with the bank, a retail outlet, or any business. If the person on the phone is rude or seems uninterested, or even if they’re pleasant but don’t help you make a buying decision, you’re likely to take the time to find an alternative. This is even more impactful for dental offices. Whoever picks up the phone at your practice needs to love their job – and that must be evident in their tone, words, and energy. Phone Power dental call coaching is great for this!