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Stand Out & Differentiate

Neighborhood Newsletters Attract Quality Patients

Position your dental practice as the community expert with precisely targeted, custom-written, and designed newsletters that tell your story and stand out in the households you want to attract, truly differentiating your practice from competitors!


Elevate YOUR PRACTICE or Affiliate Offices & Attract More Quality New Patients

Branded & Educational

Content & format elevates your practice as the trusted authority patients should choose.

Precisely Targeted

We find the areas primed to respond with the ideal new patients you want.

Personalized To Each Household

STAND OUT with your personal approach to each family.

Clear Results

You get transparent reporting down to the penny patients spend in production.

Better Than Postcards

Newsletters outperform postcards by 70%.

Build Practice Awareness

The only way to reach 100% of targeted area homes.

What Our Clients Say

Branded, Educational Content Attracts Attention

The large format stands out in the mailbox with content dental decision-makers want and look forward to. Showcase your practice and services to increase new patient bookings.
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Researched Exclusively For Dental Patient Buying Behavior

Neuroscience research and analysis informs how patients engage to ensure that your newsletter will make a lasting impact (on average 17 days in home versus 17 seconds for email).
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Let Your Community Know You’re There

Practice awareness is the first step in the patient journey, and we help you precisely target the most qualified new patients. Your newsletter acts as a personal introduction to homeowners!

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Educated Patients Are More Valuable Patients


Content marketing sets dental offices apart. The content in your newsletter will enhance your practice reputation and make a strong impact on head-of-house decision-makers, including new a healthy recipe in every edition that patients look forward to receiving.

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Be known as THE authority in your area. WOW patients with a winning newsletter campaign!

See Your Results In Black & White


Unlimited call scoring and advanced attribution by phone and address provide complete visibility to the patient journey and campaign results for continuous improvement – right down to the penny new patients spend in production.

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Make It Easy For New Patients To Book


Actionable insights help your practice make good marketing and operational decisions, maximize results, and increase production.
Know why patients don’t book and how to capture more appointments.

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Build & Strengthen Your Practice Image & Reputation


Consumers of all ages want quality information
to make good decisions for their families. Stand out from the postcard crowd by offering more value as part of your brand identity with new dental health-oriented content every month.

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Customized For Your Unique Practice & Target Demographic


Your newsletter content and imagery will be reflective of your target audience demographic and buying preferences. Detailed research helps us find like-audiences so you attract the new patients you want.

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Personalized Communication Is More Engaging


Attract more attention and increase the
likelihood of response with variable data printing, which allows us to personalize each newsletter for the specific household recipient. (US only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct mail hasn’t worked for me. Why would these dental newsletters be different?

Not all direct mail is the same. To be effective, direct mail must be sent at the right time, to the right person, with the right message, and results clearly tracked. When crafting a dental newsletter campaign, our proven process takes all of this into consideration. We thoroughly analyze your market draw area, research the demographics and buying preferences of the area, craft custom content that highlights your key competitive advantages - that your prospective dental patients are interested in. And we ensure campaigns stay on target and on time and leads are well managed. It’s critical to be consistent with your dental newsletter campaign, and when executed with precision, it will drive overall long-term practice production growth.

Isn’t print dead?

No – far from it! In fact, tech giants like Google use direct mail more than most companies to increase sales. It’s a massive part of their success. The same is true for dental practices: in fact, it’s often the #1 driver of new patients. These days “online fatigue” has made consumers less trusting and more skeptical than ever with digital advertising, and the newsletter format has become the most trusted ad source at decision making. Physical mail, like dental newsletters, are more impactful than ever. In fact, dental newsletters drive a much higher recognition ratio than email and postcards. Dental newsletters are your proven winner.

Is your service the same as EDDM?

No. We precisely target your dental newsletters to your core market areas, so you don’t waste time and money sending mailers to
households not primed to respond. Our all-inclusive services take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to juggle mailing lists, postage, content development, printing, and coordination. Plus, we track your results, your dedicated Account Success Manager works with you to coach your team on difficult calls, analyzes your offer strategies, and helps you stay on course to achieve your goals. On average, our clients achieve a 6:1 ROI – that’s a great investment and it’s all taken care of for you with a proven process and plan you can follow.

Can I target new movers?

Yes! With your consistent targeting of the right
households, you’ll capture new movers every time anyone comes into your area. No fussing with specialty lists, getting outdated information, and missing the boat. Your monthly dental newsletters will capture the attention of 100% of the new movers who relocate to your area, and with approximately 15% of the population always on the move, your monthly newsletters are the best bet to consistently introduce your services to new people in your area.

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