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Paid Ads Boost New Dental Patients

Drive a significant increase in new patient inquiries, with conversion rates for dental outpacing general industry average. Be seen by dental patients the moment they’re searching for dental services.

Gain The Competitive Edge In Your Market!

Dental Expertise

Ensures clear understanding of dental patient behavior and local market focus as we set objectives, complete audience analysis, and competitive research.

Structured Campaigns

Are tailored to the unique goals and services of your dental practice with defined keywords and engaging ad copy.

Sophisticated Targeting

Ensures your ads reach prospective patients the moment they’re searching for dental services.

Powerful Performance Management

With advanced strategies to optimize ad performance, with best-in-class keyword selection.

Measurable Results

With robust analytics that allow tracking of a variety of metrics from clicks to impressions to conversions … down to the penny patients spend in production!

Optimized For Growth

With a patient-centric approach to not just attract clicks, but to convert and retain quality patients, and proactive campaign management for continuous improvement and dedicated support.

What Our Clients Say


Generate High Quality Dental Leads That Convert


With 30+ years of experience, our proven paid media programs appeal to qualified dental patients looking for the services you want to attract. From account setup, keyword research, creative development, deployment, and results tracking, you can count on your Patient NEWS team.

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Clicks Aren’t Calls – Get More Real Leads


Advanced call tracking, dynamic number insertion, unlimited call scoring, dedicated forms and advanced attribution maps the journey patients take when contacting your practice back to the production they spend – so you know your exact ROI and cost per acquisition.

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Attract Local Patients Looking For Specific Dental Services


Over 80% of users actively engage in local search. We hyper-target your ads to position your dental office at the top of the list with your unique and relevant terms in engaging ad copy, prioritizing your visibility and increasing new patients.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) For Dentists


We work exclusively with dentists and DSOs and understand dental patient buying behavior. Using that expertise we prime your campaign to hit the top of Google. Campaigns are continuously refined to ensure your practice stands out and generates quality new leads.

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Increase Your Visibility, Get Found Online Easily & Boost New Patients!

Tracking & Analytics


With Patient NEWS paid media programs you get all the insights, not just clicks and vague conversions data. You can monitor click-through rates (CTR), ad impressions, conversions, AND new patients and production to clearly see the value your PPC campaign is bringing to your practice.

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Supercharge New Patients With Call Scoring

Understand every aspect of your new patient calls. Reveal performance, identify insights, know why patients don’t book, and implement improvement actions for every new patient call. Empower your team with visibility and recognition and generate more new patients!
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Custom Landing Pages Relevant To Your Services

Your PPC landing pages feature great content on the services you want to attract. Designed for success it includes relevant content that builds trust along with a strong and convenient call to action.
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Online Scheduling Captures More New Patients

More and more patients are looking for fast, convenient scheduling. Our eZ Online Scheduler improves the patient experience with 24/7 convenient access, increasing web conversions. Add-on with Practice ZEBRA.
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Patient Reviews Influence New Patient Decision-Making


Our reputation management tool, Review Booster, adds unique value for patients with educational content that delights patients and increases reviews. Add-on with Practice ZEBRA.

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2-Way Texting

Every call scoring line provides your practice with the ability to respond to texts from new patients.
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Dedicated Account Management

Our amazing team works diligently to take care of every detail, is highly responsive to your practice and needs, and ensures you get the results you’re looking for. No ticket system – and we answer the phone!
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Frequently Asked Question

Does paid media really work for dental offices?

Yes! Our proven system is delivering tremendous results! The dental patient journey has changed rapidly in the last few years, and, as a dentist, combining both top-and-bottom funnel initiatives helps to maximize new patient flow. Powerfully orchestrated paid media campaigns from Patient NEWS will ensure your dental practice is visible when quality dental patients are looking for dental services, particularly big-ticket solutions.

How do I ensure my dentist PPC campaign is working?

Fortunately, attribution solutions like Practice ZEBRA dental marketing software matches patients by call and email allowing dental offices to track ROI beyond CPA/CPL but right down to the penny your dental patients spend in production.

What is Google Maps advertising for dentists?

This is becoming a game-changer for location-based businesses like dental practices due to the volume of users. Using Google Maps ensures your paid ads, promoting things like emergency services, clear aligners, Invisalign, and other big-ticket services will appear at the top when someone is searching, providing visibility to your practice, ensuring your dental office stands out as the authority in your field.

How hard is it to setup Paid Media for my dental office?

With Patient NEWS dental marketing, your WebLift dental website includes paid media-ready landing pages, so it’s super easy to setup the PPC campaign and promote your top dental services.

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