Practice ZEBRA™ Connector Refresh Instructions

Refresh your software in three easy steps. First, find the current instance, and then restart it. That’s it! Follow the simple instructions below. Should your interface status not update the following day, please submit a support request through Help & Support in your Practice ZEBRA dashboard or contact your Account Manager.

Restarting PZ Connector:

  1. Open your task manager by right-clicking your taskbar and selecting  “Task Manager.”
  1. Select the “Services” tab and find the “ZEBRA Updater” and “ZEBRA Connector” processes.
  1. For both processes, the Connector and the Updater, right-click the process name and select “Restart.” If the Updater or the Connector process status is Stopped, then right-click the process name and select “Start.” 

You’re all set. Thank you from Practice ZEBRA!

Practice ZEBRA™ Software Refresh

  1. Locate the Sikka software icon on the desktop or server where the original install was completed. Click on it. If the icon is not visible, search the word Sikka in the start menu search bar to find the application … then click on it.

  1. This screen will appear:
    1. If the Windows Service Status is showing that it’s ‘Not Installed’, click Install Service. When installation is complete, you will see a green circle with a white checkmark that says ‘Running’.
    2. Next, click Update in the left navigation. If there is an update,
      go ahead and install.
    3. Finally click the Refresh Data button at the bottom and allow it to run until complete. This may take a few minutes (or hours depending on your computer speed). Allow it to run uninterrupted.

  1. You will see a status bar and message allowing you to monitor your progress:

  1. Once the refresh is complete, click OK in the pop-up box:

  1. When the refresh is completed successfully, you should see that all areas of the Service Status window have a green circle containing a white check mark, as well as synchronized dates reflecting current date.


You’re all set.
Thank you from Practice ZEBRA!