Use Benchmarking & Trends For Dental Practice Growth

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Measure what matters to unlock the next level of success

You’re in the business of dentistry. And just like any other business, it’s essential to have clarity around past performance, current trends, and future views to determine how operational and marketing decisions have affected your results and profitability up to this point.

To effectively evaluate the past, present, and make impactful improvements for the future for your solo or group practice, it’s imperative to conduct production benchmarking & analyze trends.

Head-of-the-pack technology from Patient NEWS & Practice ZEBRA makes this a whole lot easier with…

  • Production Trends
  • New Patients - visits & value
  • Danger Patients
  • Net Gain/Loss Trends
  • Reappointment & Scheduling data
  • Case acceptance results
“The great thing about Practice ZEBRA has been that no matter where I am, I have all my data from my practice as well as all my marketing platforms.” – Dr. Shana Friedman
New Patients bar graph from Practice ZEBRA shows new and reactivated patients
Do you have a steady flow of new patients?

New patients are the lifeblood for every dental practice. Maintaining a steady flow and understanding what operational and marketing adjustments may have impacted the practice ups and downs is critical.

Focusing activities on active and new patient trends vs static numbers = More Production!
Bar graph from Practice ZEBRA shows percentage of active patients with a future appointment
Is your practice succeeding at patient scheduling?

Scheduling is a massive factor in dental practice success. If you have adequate systems in place, your days will be smoother, patients will receive better care, and your team will be more productive at the office.

ZEBRA enterprise views GROUP practices can use

Dropdown menu with data on patients for group practices found in Practice ZEBRA

If you’re a group practice owner or part of a DSO, you’ll find Practice ZEBRA’s enterprise views and group reporting valuable. You’ll be able to see your data by practice, region, and group as a whole. And if you need a customized presentation, no worries, reports can be created to suit your DSO just the way you want to see them.

And that means you can monitor multiple offices with many stakeholders and manage unique brands for different locations and appropriate messaging for different demographic targets. This makes monthly reporting a breeze!

Give Practice ZEBRA a try today for dental practice growth – with absolutely no obligation! We’re confident you’ll love it and especially the ability to benchmark data with ease. Analysis available FREE for up to 3 locations for your DSO! Schedule now!

Your Questions Answered

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Is benchmarking really that important for dental practice growth?

You bet it is. To reach your practice goals, you need to understand where you’ve been. You also need a roadmap to help guide you and your team to achieve future success. Just like athletes analyze the previous night’s game or large organizations reflect on the past year during AGMs, it’s critical to assess recent challenges and accomplishments, and determine which dental marketing tactics work and which ones don’t, to elevate future performance.

What’s a surefire way toincrease  dental patient visits?

Is your team consistently booking the next appointment before the patient walks out the door? Your team has a critical role to play in ensuring patients don’t leave without being scheduled in. Remember that a new patient is worth almost double the value of an existing patient. Based on Practice ZEBRA data, the average existing patient spends $1,000 per year while a new patient is worth $1,700.

Can I really increase practice production with direct mail? I’ve heard that print isn’t relevant.

That rumor couldn’t be further from the truth! We are constantly inundated with digital messaging (it’s still an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy though). And this is even more reason as to why it works and creates a meaningful connection with patients and prospects. Studies prove its effectiveness. For example, the brand recall of direct mail is 70% higher than digital, and 56% of people are delighted to read their mail. It has worked for years and will continue to work in the future. With tech companies like Google using it to get new business, that really says something!

How important is it to communicate our vision and goals to the team for dental practice growth?

Dental practice leaders need to keep their key team members in the loop when it comes to their vision. Then, let them know what the expectations are and follow up regularly to ensure they are making it happen.

How do enterprise views in Practice ZEBRA help our group practices see increases in dental-patient visits?

In one central location, you’re able to generate a list of data on patients for each of your offices. This gives you a side-by-side comparison of everything related to patient production, annual patient value, and visits. You get the total number of visits for a particular period, as well as the scheduling rate. The data for the office that is performing the best is highlighted in turquoise while the bottom performer is red. This is convenient for owners or managers to quickly get a high-level view of where each practice stands as well as the organization as a whole. It’s also an excellent way to gauge if they are on track to meeting the fiscal year’s goals. ZEBRA also features figures for industry averages and the top 10% of practices, which makes it possible to know if one is in a leadership position or not.

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