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Size Matters For Dental Marketing Success

LOL … the smiles, the giggles, the innuendos, the opinions, the arguments! If you google “does size really matter,” you won’t find direct mail results.
According to Neil Patel, co-founder of NP Digital, direct mail is a great way to reach your audience, grab their attention and connect with them on a personal level.” He says direct mail gives you more bang for your buck than paid search and online display ads. “Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%, putting the ROI third behind email and social media marketing. Social media is ahead by only 1 percentage point.”
So today … yes, size matters.
A newsletter is 300% larger than a super jumbo postcard.
So what?! Well, the same newsletter is proven to generate 70% more new patient calls than that postcard!
It’s not just any newsletter. We are the only dental marketing company to mail an 11 x 17 piece as an 8.5 x 11 flat piece. All others fold and clip seal to an 8.5 x 5.5 size.

The supernova size STANDS OUT in mailboxes.

And dentists need to build a much higher level of awareness when 50% of the population is looking for ways to avoid dental visits. You don’t want to be in the mix with the pizza place offers. You want your dental office to get noticed. You want your dental practice to be seen as special. You want your target households to know about you and that they should choose you.
Our supernova size newsletter will help you do this. And in a very positive way.
One of the largest neuroscience marketing studies revealed that while all direct mail is far more effective at driving behavior and exceeding the motivation to cognitive load threshold of digital media, the postcard falls slightly behind all other forms of direct mail, and even below email marketing.

Why is this? Direct mail breaks into the fundamental neurological processes that trigger action. It is better at closing the gap between awareness and action on the patient journey. And the bigger the piece of direct mail, the higher the degree of sensory engagement, meaning it will be more likely to be seen, touched, and read.
That means that flat supernova newsletters will increase your new patient and active patient experience and interaction with your practice. The format definitely enhances the patient journey. In our own studies, we found that 85% of people enjoyed receiving and reading their dentists’ newsletter. And now that everything is so focused on digital – a direct mail newsletter really stands out from the crowd.
Because of the format, your new patient dental marketing piece features educational content, content that consumers want in order to make good decisions for their families. Large size newsletters elevate the brand promise, enhance the perceived benefits of choosing a practice, and add value to the overall patient journey. This serves to significantly differentiate your dental practice in your community.

And the millennial question. Yes, millennials want and respond to mail.

Even more than boomers! Consumers of ALL AGE GROUPS appreciate and want direct mail.

Have you heard other dentists comment, or do you yourself think, “I’m in a millennial market – so digital is the way to go.” Before I continue, let me just interject to confirm that we manage hundreds of digital marketing campaigns, websites, paid media, social marketing, etc., and these are very important parts of every marketing mix.
BUT my point here is that direct mail stands out and gets noticed by all consumers – of ALL AGES.
Millennials? You bet! Direct mails’ motivational aspect exceeds the digital media score in ALL AGE GROUPS – 18-29, 30-49, and 50-64.
You might be surprised by this countdown:
#1 – Ages 30-49 highest to direct mail and lowest to digital
Drumroll … #2 is the 18-29 group! (Millennials are anywhere from 24-39 in 2020.)
And of course, 50+ prefer DM, with similar response to digital as the millennial group.
Think about it. Everything is moving to digital. Transactional mail, invoices, statements … that means that your direct mail piece will stand out – and when you make it even bigger – and with content relevant to the demographic you want to attract to your practice, your direct mail campaigns become super powerful.
In a blog post, Patel, called a top web influencer by the Wall Street Journal, says, “in the digital age, trust and authority, once a staple of each advertising medium is fleeting at best. The primary channels we use to consume media have been so ravished by clickbait headlines and misinformation that consumers no longer inherently trust them.” He continued to share the news that Facebook announced that it overestimated the average time people spent watching videos ads on the platform by up to 80%! Patel shares the impact of direct mail on him and his purchasing behavior as a digital guru. “It is my actual mailbox,” he says, “not my inbox, which has been the catalyst for a dizzying amount of spending.”
With direct mail, you have the undivided attention of the recipient 100% of the time. The trick is to make it so impressive (aka supernova newsletter impressive) that your audience spends more time with it, gets to know you, and begins to trust you. Patel reinforces this message: “marketing is about effective, persuasive communication, and direct mail is no exception.”

“Direct mail advertisements give people time to think.”
– Neil Patel

And our dental direct mail product is that much better than your other options in the dental marketing space.
It’s not just about size.
The paper stock of our newsletters and postcards is 70% heavier than competitors. With other dental marketing companies, you get 60lb stock while we provide 100lb stock. The difference is impressive to consumers. It’s so strong that it is resistant to crush and tear – so the presentation when it gets into consumer households is high quality. Which is the message you want associated with your dental practice – high quality.
If you want 10,000 homes surrounding your practice to notice your practice – our product will do it.

In addition …

In all US markets, we drop-ship directly to post offices to maximize delivery speed and accuracy. Dropshipping bypasses up to three stops on the origin end of the process and delivers the mail directly to the destination processing facility. This results in faster delivery of your mail and reduces the chance of error.

It’s not just about size. It’s about power.

Power #1: We use the most advanced demographic targeting with the application of your actual patient trends. Esri ArcGIS Business Analyst is the industry-leading tool for direct marketing campaigns. We have invested in this to support our clients with no additional fee for the service.
Power #2: Content. Consumers are more likely to buy after reading educational content.
And the impact lasts. A week after consuming educational content, almost 50% are still more likely to buy from that brand – and there is a 9% increase in the number of consumers that identify the brand as “trustworthy.” Exactly what you want – and need – as a dental practice marketing for new patients. There is also an 8% increase in consumers’ “positive feelings” about the brand – even a week later!
This means that over time, consumers will not only become aware of your practice, but they will also remember your name and the positive feelings associated with you which will build trust and, ultimately, the confidence to choose your practice.
Power #3: Dental marketing experts. Not to sound “old,” but we have been at this for 27+ years. We are reliable. We are not an upstart one-man show. We are endorsed by leaders in the dental industry. We want to be your marketing partner, help you make the right decisions, help you manage everything, and help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Consultation, strategy, creative development, targeting, content planning, campaign management, new patient telephone training, call scoring, results tracking, analysis, adjustments, key performance metrics, coaching, writing, design, production, implementation, practice analytics, scheduling, patient value, business intelligence, and you’ll see campaign results connected to the actual patient production generated from each campaign , and much more … and full circle again.
We spend 1,000 hours a month on your marketing campaigns. That is all our entire team of 60+ dental marketing experts focuses on.
We make your campaigns the best they can be from the start, and then we focus on consistent optimization.
We help you with things you might not even know are challenges for you right now.
How many hours do you or your team members have to spend on marketing?
Not enough for consistent results. We can help.

Size matters.
Power matters.
Commitment matters.

We offer the size and the power you need.
We will stay by your side and help you succeed with new patient marketing and practice growth.
You need to be committed. You have to be consistent. And persistent. If you’re turning to marketing because you need new patients, you’re probably already behind the 8-ball. And everyone knows marketing takes time. We can help, but again, you need to make the commitment, and you need to be consistent and persistent.
A lot of our clients are sports enthusiasts. You are mainly competitive and like to stay in shape. I’ve seen some phenomenal transformations from some of you on social media. Let me compare your marketing efforts with your fitness efforts. You can’t hit the gym once and expect any miracle. You can’t slap on a pair of skis and race a slalom. You can’t jog across the street and be ready for the triathlon.
It’s goal-setting, determination, and commitment.
Are you unsure of your next move? Don’t wait and see. Don’t jump from tactic to tactic. There are 10,000 households surrounding your practice that need to know about you; they need to interact with you – and in a way that will trigger them to take the action you want. Do you know which ones you should target? Do you want the top households to be impressed with the quality presentation of your practice? Do you want to be perceived as different than other dentists in your area?
With Patient NEWS, you get a better direct mail campaign, a better and higher quality presentation for your patients and prospective patients. You get powerful targeting and campaign management. You get success.
All we need is you. And your commitment. We are here to help your practice become more efficient, more productive, and more successful.
You must start and BE consistent.
Don’t wait or hesitate. Refresh your understanding of our direct mail process and review your current situation and market opportunity by calling 1-888-377-2404 now.
One of our experienced Marketing Consultants will make themselves available to spend time with you, understand your challenges, and lend you an ear. We are real people. We are here. We’ve worked with hundreds of dentists and teams just like yours. We can help.
It might be with a digital marketing campaign to start. Maybe direct mail if your practice needs a more steady flow of new patients. Maybe both if you’re ready to hit the ground running. Every campaign recommendation is customized to your practice situation and goals. We are ready and able to help your practice stand out and grow.
We are strong proponents of a multi-channel marketing mix for best overall practice results. As Patel sums up, “To stand out in a world where everything has gone electronic, consider complementing your digital marketing strategy with a direct mail campaign. It’s a missing personal touch in an incredibly busy world.”
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