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Social marketing from Patient NEWS includes:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and monthly Google My Business setup with optimization

  • Logo updates, practice picture updates, and info sync of social accounts

  • Weekly all-channel dental-specific posts created by dental marketing experts

  • Educational, fun, interesting, and engaging dental-specific content to engage your audience.

Make A Virtual Splash With Social Media For Dentists

Build trust, engagement & boost “likes” for your practice

Social media for dentists is a must for brand awareness, web ranking – and to attract new patients interested in your practice! It can keep current patients engaged and informed about their oral health, but without consistency or a content plan, dental practices risk getting overlooked, ignored, and lost in social feeds.

Trying to keep up on social can be daunting when your dental office is abuzz with patients and day-to-day operations. That’s why it pays to let experts manage this key component of your dental marketing campaign.

There are over 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide and their average daily time spent on social channels is 142 minutes!

Social media’s aggressive growth shows no signs of slowing

Billions of people around the world use social media to connect with friends and family and follow the brands they love. And In recent years, platforms like Facebook and Instagram account for the single largest area of growth in online activity.

Here are some stats that show why social media for dentists shouldn’t be overlooked:

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of dental offices have less than 100 likes on Facebook. That means, it won’t be hard to outshine the competition!


of patients searched for their dentist on social media.

of patients were happy to connect with their dentist on social.
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Wow new patients when they look you up

Once a person has learned about your practice – whether it’s through direct mail, a referral, or display ad – they’ll turn to social to help make an informed decision. This is the natural progression that occurs from phase one of the patient journey to phase two, known as consideration and research. Patients want to know that whomever they choose will match their expectations and provide a world-class experience.

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As part of the new-patient journey, consumers head from awareness due to your dental newsletter campaign, to your dental website. They’ll check out your online reviews and scope out your social media activity. You can impress – and stand out from competitors – on social with:

  • engaging and unique content (1-3 posts per week).
  • up-to-date business information (address, phone number, practice hours, etc.)
  • audience interaction (e.g., reply to comments, inboxes messages, etc.)
Two sample dental social media marketing posts created by the digital team at Patient NEWS

Save time with social content from the experts

We know just how busy you and your team are. From scheduling patients to providing care to making critical business decisions, you’ve got a lot on the go. Remembering to post on social and then coming up with content is probably one of the last things on your mind.

Our experienced digital team can ease the burden – and help you grow and manage your social presence. We include a wide variety of unique posts, including valuable educational content, exclusive cartoons, jokes, and trivia. This content will put your practice brand in the limelight and resonate with your audience and inspire action. And we do all of this posting for you!

Front cover of Patient NEWS' Social Media Marketing guide for dentists.

And that’s not all … you can really crank up your dental social media marketing by getting involved. Our social package includes a comprehensive user guide with step-by-step guidelines, posting charts, tips, and creative support to help your practice have an awesome and engaging Facebook business page.

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Social media gives you a chance to show your authentic self.

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Social media for dentists gives practices a chance to show their community who is behind the mask and gloves. Not only is it a great space to show you’re a dental authority who knows their stuff, but it’s the perfect outlet on which to get “real” with your followers and be a little vulnerable. Patients and prospective patients don’t expect you to be perfect (only when you’re working in their mouth!). Humanize your brand; your audience wants to relate to the dental professionals they’ve entrusted with caring for their smiles.

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Through words, images, and videos (Facebook live and recordings), we’ll help you bring patients closer to your practice, resulting in a stronger doctor-patient relationship – online and in person. And more likes, followers, and reviews.

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Generate more valuable reviews on Facebook

A whopping 97% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase from a business if there aren’t any reviews. And for reviews to be believable, you need a steady flow coming in with a mix of opinions and star ratings.

With Review Booster, we can help your practice get more of those all-important testimonials on Facebook and Google. This automated review management platform is available in Practice ZEBRA – at no additional charge. It’s easy and it reminds patients – after a positive experience at your practice – to take a moment to write a review.

Every dentist needs social marketing! With WebLift dental websites, social media marketing for dentists and Review BOOSTER, and the fantastic support team at Patient NEWS, your practice is sure to be a rock star on social media and with your online presence.

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Your Questions Answered

Open FAQs To Read Frequently Asked Questions About Social Marketing

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888-377-2404 & talk to a real person!


How often should we be posting?

The ideal range is 1-3 times per week. You want to be consistent but at the same time not go overboard and overwhelm your followers. By maintaining a consistent schedule, you will increase awareness of your brand, stay top-of-mind with existing patients, and drive more traffic to your website, to name a few benefits.

Does every dentist need social marketing?

If you want to compete with dentists in your area who use it to promote their practice and connect with patients, the answer is yes. If you can’t be found online, patients are likely to make their way to the dentist who uses it and uses it well.

How many different social media channels should my practice use?

At this point, the three platforms we recommend every dentist use are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are great for telling the story of your practice – both in visuals and written content.

How can my team improve their social media skills?

If this is something you want one or more of your team members to get involved with, you’ll find a lot of fantastic online resources at your fingertips. And best of all, most are free. Start with the companies that run the social media sites. Facebook has a solid Help Center that will guide you through the basics (i.e. setting up a business page) and how to use specific features. Instagram and Twitter also have similar pages to help you along. Otherwise, you can ask our team to do all the heavy lifting with social media for dentists!

What’s the most common reason a patient would reach out to me on social media?

These days, a lot of dental patients prefer to make contact through Facebook’s Instant Messenger app. It’s convenient because it’s at their fingertips. So, it’s not uncommon to get inquiries about appointments and receive compliments and complaints through this service.

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