4 Unique Dental Promotional Products You Should Use


Giving away gifts to thank your patients and promote your practice makes good business sense

Giving away dental promotional products is a tried and true way to delight your customers. Whether you do it as a ‘thank you for your business’ giveaway to your patients of record after they visit your practice for a check-up or to see your oral hygienist, or as a means to entice new patients to call or visit your office.

Handing out dental promotional items is worth more than good public relations and as a marketing tactic. You’re also reminding people of the need to take oral health seriously. It’s commonplace for every dental practice to give their patients a bag containing a new toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and dental floss.

What may turn some heads is distributing unique dental promotional products alongside the expected toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. But before you make the decision on what items to select, do consider your current patients of record, and the demographics of the community where you are. Why? By knowing your existing and potential customers, you’re more likely to save money and get a bigger bang for the investment you will need to make to purchase these items. For example, if your office is near a golf course or you have a significant number of patients who play golf, buying golf balls or other accessories sporting your practice’s logo and URL will impress those patients.

Differentiating Your Dental Practice

Consider these four unique dental promotional products for your practice’s marketing and promotional initiatives:

  • Custom tooth-shaped dental floss with keychain. Who wouldn’t appreciate a snappy-looking keychain that doubles as a dental floss container? It’s a playful but useful way to remind your patients to floss regularly wherever they go.
  • A tooth stress ball or toy. A terrific gift for adults or kids. Your adult patients will likely keep it sitting on their desks at work where colleagues will spot it, and your younger patients will regard it as a loveable toy (which also serves to diminish the anxiety children feel about visiting a dentist).
  • Breath spray containers on a leash. Who doesn’t appreciate having clean and fresh-smelling breath? Portable breath spray tubes emblazoned with your office logo and contact information and one that easily clips onto a purse, knapsack, or belt is a surefire crowd-pleaser.
  • Lip balm. In a variety of flavors patients will always carry around your “business card”. These can be great for event giveaways and are sure to make your patients smile.

Investing Smartly in Promotional Items

One important point to remember: purchasing dental promotional products for your practice is an investment that needs to be leveraged. Always have your practice name and contact information printed on the items.

You can typically get volume discounts from the products provider by buying in bulk (call it the ‘Costco effect’ – the more you buy, the more you save). Dental promotional items will make your existing patients feel appreciated and your practice stand out.

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