How Color Can Dramatically Impact Dental Marketing


See the impact color can have on your success


However, one factor that is often overlooked or underrated is color.

Every marketing expert knows the dramatic impact and major role that color can play in the success of a promotional campaign. With the multitude of colors available, psychologists and industry experts have devoted the time and resources to studying the emotions that certain specific hues can evoke in patients and customers.

The role that color can play in a dental practice marketing campaign is arguably even more necessary than in most other industries. This is because the inherent nature of a dental practice presents numerous unique opportunities to play around with different colors. For instance, you could begin with your logo. A logo must be eye-catching and immediately convey a positive brand recognition and association to your dental practice. Logos naturally offer an important venue for experimenting with color schemes and the marketing potential of each one.

Additionally, the numerous pieces of a direct mail dental practice marketing will all require the use of various colors, presented in creative formats. No matter what the primary focus of your campaign – be it a heavy emphasis on newsletters, brochures, your website or email marketing pieces – no potential patients will be enticed by a purely black and white palette. Sprucing up these pieces with splashes of color will ultimately produce a more eye-catching, pleasing and successful direct mail marketing effort.

Finally, the actual dental practice itself will require the use of the right color schemes for aesthetic and psychological marketing purposes. It is important for dental practices to convey certain atmospheres and environments to their patients. After all, engaging patient-dentist relations and impeccable customer service can help in the retention of long-time loyal patients.

Here are some popular colors that should be considered in dental practice marketing campaigns and decorations.

Red and blue and hues of them will be your best bet for direct marketing success.


According to Business 2 Community, the sharp hues of reds are usually the most powerful attention-grabbing colors. This means that the color is frequently used for marketing purposes, and dental practices should look to take advantage of this wherever possible. However, the news source also warns against the pitfalls of overusing this desirable color. A moderate amount of red, particularly on your logo, could add just the spark needed to catch potential patients' eyes.

Earning a patient's trust is one of the most essential components to creating long-term customer loyalty.


Blue is one of the most popular colors, especially in businesses. The color blue evokes a sense of trustworthiness and coolness. Earning a patient's trust is one of the most essential components to creating long-term customer loyalty. Start in their psychological subconscious by creating blue hues in your dental postcards and your dental practice.


As the colors of nature, greens tend to produce strong feelings of tranquility and calm in patients and customers, according to Direct Creative. This makes green an ideal color to be added to your physical practice itself. Paint the walls with a bright hue of green, especially in the actual office where patients will be treated. This will help them stay calm throughout the sometimes uncomfortable practice of oral hygiene treatments and generate a more positive overall experience for them. Additionally, green is often used to promote environmentalism, something that should be considered and marketed to your patients if your practice likes to focus on sustainable efforts.

Purple & Fuchia

Favorites for women, these are still strong direct marketing colors for a dentist. Use these to complement a core blue brand or add a feminine touch to green.

Remember that your target audience is women.

Colors to avoid are browns, golds, yellow and dull color schemes.