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Practice ZEBRA & ZEBRA Enterprise Dashboards Help You:

  • save time & money & increase efficiencies
  • easily track key performance indicators
  • spot training opportunities
  • make informed decisions for better results

Dental Practice Intelligence To Boost Business Value

A powerful dashboard for solo dental offices, groups & DSO’s

As much as you love dentistry, the goal for most dental practice owners is to improve practice (or group) valuation for a successful and profitable sale or expansion. Practice ZEBRA provides dental practice intelligence, marketing intelligence, marketing automation, and call conversion support. The practice growth dashboard within Practice ZEBRA will help you monitor it all – in real-time, for accurate data at your fingertips.

“Having visibility and oversight into those statistics is vital to us.”
– Aylmer Family Dental
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Get a clear view of what’s happening at your office or multiple offices

Screenshot of Practice ZEBRA's main dental practice intelligence dashboard

Think of Practice ZEBRA as your control dashboard. When you first login to your easy-to-follow dashboard, you’ll see four key quadrants:


Active Patients


New Patients


Call Conversion


Digital Presence

The practice growth dashboard in Practice ZEBRA shows your key metrics for current and new patients, call conversion rates, and your online presence. Think of this as a 30,000-foot, high-level overview. You can filter the data over any date range or opt for quick views by month or year. ZEBRA Enterprise provides roll-up reports by practice, region, and group with your most important key performance indicators.

All the details on your active patient base

How many patients are currently connected to your practice or group? If you’re part of a Dental Service Organization (DSO), you want access to these metrics in one easy enterprise view. With the average dental patient worth $1,000 per year, it’s crucial to ensure they are connected to your offices for regular appointments. If not, you can easily work on training with various team members and implement key marketing initiatives to win patients back.

Screenshot of data on active patients available in Practice ZEBRA

If some months are slower than others, you’ll know right away with trending insights. This is also the data that will assist in selecting the most effective dental marketing plans for retention and ongoing communication.

Practice ZEBRA's enterprise views screen for easy-to-access metrics on individual offices
Dentist with a facemask around his neck looks at dental practice intelligence on his tablet

The average value of your patients and new patients is an indicator of how well your team is doing – and how much business is available to you. For example, the average dental practice active-patient value is $1,000, while the top 10% boast almost $3,000. Where do you fall? Practice ZEBRA’s practice growth dashboard shows your exact patient values, and you’ll know exactly who are your most valuable patients and which ones to attract more of!

With Practice ZEBRA’s dental intel, you’ll know current and past production totals and…

  • Monthly active and new patient counts
  • Patients and production by insurance provider
  • Patients scheduled, hygiene scheduling, case acceptence, etc.
  • Patients gained versus lost
  • Key actionable data with patient reports including non-scheduled, danger, inactive & top value

…Plus, you’ll get the makeup of your patient base (demographics), their yearly spend, marketing intelligence, call conversion data, patient intel including invalid patient contact information, accounts receivable… and the list goes on.

Female dental patient sits in chair and team member holds clipboard with pen in front of her
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Grow your new-patient base and create a memorable first experience

Screenshot of some of the practice metrics on new patients in Practice ZEBRA
Just like data on active patients, the information on new patients is available to solo, group practices, and DSOs. It’s what you need to power growth and success. Find out if you’re on an upward or downward trend when it comes to acquiring patients you’ve targeted with your dental marketing campaigns.
Practice ZEBRA is the only dental software to provide accurate marketing analytics and proper campaign attribution by address, phone, and form fill, down to the penny patients spend in actual production!
Enterprise views for group practice with data on new patients

Here you can also see you how your marketing campaigns are performing when it comes to conversion. You’ll get the total number of new patients and production to date (to the penny), projected annual production, and the average number of patients per household. These results can be extracted because of the unique tracking numbers attached to each campaign (newsletter, website, paid media, etc.).

A full breakdown of dental marketing campaign results found within Practice ZEBRA's dental practice intelligence

And, because your marketing success relies on stellar call handling, you’ll want to know how your call answer and conversion rates stack up. You can see this at a practice or group view and drill down to individual call handlers to provide call coaching support (also part of Practice ZEBRA).

ZEBRA enterprise views with call conversion data for group dental practices
Overview of Practice ZEBRA's dental patient mapping technology and production value statistics by area

Location Intelligence: See where patients come from and the value they represent.

See where you’re drawing patients from in relation to your location and the general production value by area. Practice ZEBRA’s mapping technology will show you where your hotspots are and where you should focus your marketing!

Call data sheds light on whether opportunities are being missed

It’s a fact that nearly half of all new-patient opportunities are lost at the front desk. Do you know how many might be slipping through the cracks at your practice or group? Each new patient – on average – is worth about $1,800 in the first year, based on data from Practice ZEBRA. That’s $800 more than the value of an existing patient.
A dental receptionist answers a patient call with her headset
Dental intel from Practice ZEBRA that reveals several phone call conversion metrics

The Conversion Metrics screen will keep you on top of your calls, answer and conversion rate. A slight improvement here can add thousands in production. This keeps focus on what can make a big impact on practice growth.

A dental patient with a look of displeasure speaks to a dental practice on her cell phone

Key call conversion metrics include:

  • total calls answered live
  • missed calls & lost calls (voicemail)
  • percentage of calls converted
  • “What-If” calculator (see what happens when you increase your numbers!)
  • analysis of phone call handling
  • recordings of all calls
  • …and much, much more!
ZEBRA’s Practice Growth Dashboard includes your online presence
Three separate screenshots showcase digital presence analytics from Practice ZEBRA for a dental practice

Your practice growth dashboard within Practice ZEBRA includes your digital presence. Easily connect Google and Facebook analytics to your dashboard, manage and respond to reviews, and text with patients (without tying up your phone lines). You’ll have all your business intelligence in one convenient location with black & white clarity.


Beyond Dashboards, Practice ZEBRA is loaded

Practice ZEBRA is jam-packed with dental practice intelligence, actionable reports, and marketing automation features to ramp up production and increase patient loyalty. ZEBRA is the only dental software to give you all key modules, business intelligence (BI), marketing tracking and attribution, call tracking, recording and scoring, patient communications, appointment reminders, reviews, membership promotion, email – no need to pay for multiple solutions!

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and boost profit. And your team can easily view and manage appointments – right in the dashboard – or you can choose the read/write option.

A sample of an appointment reminder email sent to dental patients through Practice ZEBRA
Dental Membership Plan Booster

See who is a member and their yearly production value plus increase new members with branded content.

A sample of an appointment reminder email sent to dental patients through Practice ZEBRA
Review Booster

Easily request, view, and respond to online reviews. Build the social proof new patients look for before making a buying decision.

A sample of an appointment reminder email sent to dental patients through Practice ZEBRA
Automated Email

Easily send “Email Anytime” to patients or monthly engaging educational emails tailored to your audience.

A sample of an appointment reminder email sent to dental patients through Practice ZEBRA
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By connecting your practice to the only business intelligence software that tracks every phase of the patient journey, you will maximize the value of your solo practice or group practices. Practice ZEBRA is your can’t-live-without dental practice intelligence technology for comprehensive data, including digital insights.

Practices of every kind can count on ZEBRA – and the experienced team of dental marketing experts at Patient NEWS for all key insights. It’s the technology that gives you convenient access to all your numbers and practice and marketing results.

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Your Questions Answered

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When it comes to dental practice intelligence, what should I be monitoring regularly?

There may be different philosophies, but it boils down to three areas: new patients, call conversion, and scheduling. If you’re adding a steady flow of new patients, converting over 70% of your inbound inquiries, and scheduling over 70% of patients, your dental practice will be successful.

How do I get access to your phone training program? Is it in your dental software platform?

Yes! Our entire Phone Power training program (videos, scripts, and downloadable PDFs) are available directly in our dashboard. You don’t need to wait for DVDs to arrive in the mail or navigate your way around another website to view them. It’s all there for you and your team to access anytime.

Is my team going to need extensive training to know how to use your dental intelligence software?

The dental software Practice ZEBRA is super intelligent and easy to navigate. You’ll have onboarding start-up tutorial sessions, plus we’re available to you by phone, text, email, and online for support. You’ll also find video tutorials to help you through every step.

Why Practice ZEBRA dental intel?

The practice growth dashboard in Practice ZEBRA brings everything you need together into one portal. Dental intel, dental marketing intelligence, call conversion, and marketing automation – you can steer your patient communications and engagement all from this dashboard. Plus, the artificial intelligence within ZEBRA assists your team to catch more new patients with instant lost opportunity alerts and missed call alerts. In the dashboard, you can listen to your calls quickly with word clouds that help you get the gist of the call fast. Dental practice intelligence has been taken to the “next-level” with Practice ZEBRA. Book a FREE DEMO today.