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Dental website services from Patient NEWS:

  • Secure, modern, & FAST

  • Killer local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies just for dentists

  • Social marketing, reviews & reputation management

  • Interactive patient forms

  • Paid media (PPC) campaigns

Get The Fastest Dental Website In The Industry!

…And a 100% white-hat SEO strategy to help you rank higher on search engines

Elevate your dental practice or group of practices, be more visible, and grow production with a stand out dental website from Patient NEWS.

Are your phones lighting up because of your dental website? Is it converting lots of new patients? Does the design still reflect your brand? Do you like the service you’re getting from your current provider?

If you’re not getting the results you want, our dental website design and unique SEO packages will help you achieve your goals. And you’ll love our great service!

“I can’t say enough positive things about Patient NEWS. They helped guide our office with a website/rebrand … always quick to respond and so helpful. Absolutely recommend their team for your website/office needs!” – Tracy Griffith, Dr. Roger Humphreys
    Fast, professional, results-driven dental websites!
“My website looks fantastic!” – Dr. Craig Etts

New patients will do their research & look you up online

Dental Marketing Solutions

When a prospective dental patient has a need – you want to be the dentist they choose!

Today, dental patients are more discerning than ever. They want to make the right choice when it comes to selecting a dentist who will care for their smiles and those of their family. While direct mail is the only way to reach 100% of your target market (and is often the biggest driver of new patients to a dental practice), online search comes from many triggers, so when patients look online for more information, you want your practice to be found and to look great.

With Patient NEWS, you can complement your awesome WebLift website with direct mail, reviews, and one our distinct (SEO) packages to boost your online presence. Using indepth market area demographic and competitive analysis, we’ll help you with the best overall dental marketing campaign to help your practice achieve your goals.


  • 1

    WebLift Booster – for local areas with lower competition. With focused keywords and effective links, you’ll optimize search and get more traffic.

  • 2

    WebLift Pro – for mid-competition areas. Level up with local marketing strategies, increased link building, and custom content edits based on SEO needs.

  • 3

    WebLift Power – for high-competition areas. Build domain authority and rank above your competitors with an aggressive SEO content strategy including press releases, videos & YouTube submissions, citations/directory links, guest blogs, Google My Business posts, & more.

Red rocket with SEO written on it blasts of

Your Patient NEWS marketing consultant will provide you with the metrics for your area so you know exactly which package will work for your practice.

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As part of the patient journey, for example, if someone is looking for a new dentist, if they’ve relocated to your area, they will go online and search “dentist near me” (or a similar phrase). And if your practice is actively targeting new patients with dental brochures or newsletters, they’ll also seek out more information online.

It’s critical to BE THERE & make a great first impression when they find you!

With WebLift, you’ll have a modern, responsive dental website design that is FAST. Speed is important because Google ranks fast sites, and patients will love how easy it is to interact with your site.

We are also EXCLUSIVE to dentists. The dental content we write for your site will elevate your practice, reflect your professionalism, and communicate why your practice is unique.

And these aren’t just beautiful dental website designs. The team at Patient NEWS has invested significantly in research and studies of online behavior. All of our dental marketing solutions have been pressure-tested with consumer neuroscience research and analysis to understand exactly how consumers view content – where their eyes – move to ensure that your dental website is set up in the most precise way to increase patient conversions. Patients will act on how they feel when they view your content. We present your voice, your brand and your philosophies and services in a way that engages patients and increases response.

Analysis tool shows which areas of WebLift website receive the most engagement
Dental Marketing Solutions

With WebLift, you will... Be noticed. Be relevant. Be contacted!

Using the latest research and technology, we’ve assembled a digital product that shines the spotlight on your greatest attributes and motivates visitors to pick up the phone and call your practice.

Listen to what the team at Aylmer Family Dental has to say about Patient NEWS, Practice ZEBRA & WebLift!

Patients expect responsive, fast-loading dental websites

Stop watch graphic display dental website loading time

Boost your patient acquisition with a lightning-fast sight for a great patient experience. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced the pain of slow website load times and pages that don’t adapt to the device you’re on. Research shows that dental patients are five times more likely to bounce off the site and move on to a competitor when this happens. With WebLift, we optimize page speeds, and using our turbo technology, make sure your website is lightning fast and looks great on desktop, mobile, and tablet. 70% of dental search is via mobile, so speed is a must-have! In speed tests against 6 top competitors, WebLift websites BEAT them ALL for both desktop AND mobile!

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Enhance your dental practice’s existing content

Elevate your reputation with great educational content that appeals to the female head of household who makes over 85% of all dental buying decisions. With our dental website design, we can leverage any existing content and photos you love and create new, fresh content that reflects your current brand image. Think of it as taking your dental practice’s best features and amplifying them. What’s not to like about that?

A website isn’t complete without an optimization strategy

Infographic of the various components of an SEO strategy for a dental website

Whether you run a solo practice or manage a group with multiple locations, taking a holistic approach to search engine optimization (SEO) is a key step for any local business. Great SEO helps dental offices compete in their area, show up for targeted audiences, and attract and convert new patients. Great SEO includes the coordination of on-page and off-page content, using best-practices, in a way that sends the right signals to Google and other search engines.

Latin American father, mother, and young daughter pose for photo

With the fast-paced, ever-changing algorithms hitting regularly, SEO is a worry for many dentists. We can help with our 100% white-hat program based on competitive levels and practice goals.


We work to elevate your authority and that means more new patients will find your website through searches. If Google doesn’t deem your website relevant because it is missing key elements, it will be impossible to rank on page one. There’s a science to it, just like there’s a science to your dental website design.

Our content packages include:

Zebra-pattern box with a duo-tang and two sheets of SEO data flying out of it
  • Competitive review and market area analysis
  • Dental marketing expert keyword analysis for best organic traffic results
  • Local link-building strategy to build your rankings and domain authority
  • Structured data, new tags, descriptions, and content for increased traffic
  • Off-page optimization and listings
  • On & off-page content tailored for SEO success and search engine rankings.
FREE online audit
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At Patient NEWS, we’re passionate about your practice’s digital success. Contact us today for a full evaluation of your current online presence. There’s absolutely no obligation!

WebLift dental website design & SEO including WebLift Booster, WebLift Pro or WebLift Power will help your practice:

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  • Strengthen your brand
  • Attract more patients
  • Generate more new-patient calls
  • Elevate your authority
  • Improve practice productivity (easy & secure online intake forms)
  • Increase revenue.

Results Reporting & Analytics

Your WebLift package includes call tracking, recording, and scoring with results presented in Practice ZEBRA. With Practice ZEBRA dental software, you get much more than call intel, you’ll know how your website and practice is performing through the live dashboard and weekly reporting – including website results from phone and form tracking – right down to the penny patients spend in production.
Screenshot of dental website analytics taken from Practice ZEBRA
Screenshot of team phone call performance data in Practice ZEBR
With your dedicated WebLift tracking AND SCORING line, you’ll get instant alerts through ZEBRA’s AI the second a quality new patient hangs up without scheduling. You’ll be able to monitor and listen your own calls with call tracking and recording (but who has time), so call scoring by our expert, trained team will provide you with easy to monitor metrics to support your team, as well as providing the essential new dental patient call training to help your practice overcome the biggest new-patient objections. And, of course, ZEBRA Enterprise provides roll-up data for effective group practice management!

Reviews account for over 15% of how Google ranks, and responding to reviews improves SEO! We support your WebLift campaign with Review Booster. This best-in-class solution (better than most because it includes quality patient education and directs not-so-great feedback to you instead of review sites) will increase reviews and allows you to easily respond to reviews in one dashboard. Users gain an average of 3X reviews after launch.

And with Google Analytics connected to Practice ZEBRA, you won’t have to go searching through multiple platforms. All of your reporting is in one convenient dashboard with 24/7 access.

Google Analytics connected to Practice ZEBRA
FREE online audit

Your Questions Answered

Open FAQs To Read Frequently Asked Questions about dental websites & our SEO Content Packs!

Or better yet, call us at
888-377-2404 & talk to a real person!


What is WebLift™ and how does it work?

WebLift is a complete dental presence solution that helps dentists, dental teams, and groups launch, improve, and manage their online presence. We’ll begin with a complete analysis of your market area, online and offline, identify your ideal patients, complete a creative interview to understand exactly what you want from your dental website design and dental marketing plan, we’ll know what you want to keep from your previous website and what you want to be updated and improved. We then go through a swift draft process using an easy online portal that tracks your changes or requests, and once approved, your WebLift is pushed live. This usually happens within 20-30 days. Your WebLift includes review widgets, customized digitized patient forms, listing management, social marketing, and call tracking, recording, and scoring. You’ll see the results of your campaign in Practice ZEBRA where you can log in anytime, which will be reviewed regularly with your Account Manager. You’ll also receive regular monthly email reports keeping you in the loop.

Is my dental website design custom-built?

Yes. Your WebLift dental website will be built on WordPress, which the world’s top brands use for many reasons. It’s the #1 choice. If you already have a WordPress website, we can transfer it and take over content management and help you boost conversions. At Patient NEWS, our proven systems have been pressure-tested to deliver results for all our dental marketing solutions. Our expert on-site designers, writers, marketing consultants, and digital project managers will analyze your market, your target audience, your current branding, and build a personalized dental website to meet industry best practices and conversion techniques. A dental website that you’ll absolutely love with emotionally engaging content that your patients will love. We promise that!

How many changes do I get per month in dental website design?

Your WebLift dental website design package comes with monthly changes and yearly refreshes to keep a modern touch and feel in all aspects of your digital presence. Changes can include (but aren’t limited) to new team member bios, new specials, updated contacted information, etc. Beyond that, extra changes or custom adjustments are always available. You’ll simply work with your Account Manager as needed.

What kind of results should I expect from a dental website designed by Patient NEWS?

First, we 100% guarantee your satisfaction with our quality and service. Your website will be secure and modern with quality imagery. Campaigns will stay on time and on budget. Our team will always be friendly and helpful and your Account Manager will demonstrate initiative and help problem solve. We guarantee we’ll redesign and/or rewrite anything that doesn’t meet your satisfaction prior to campaign approval and launch. This is the measure of confidence we have in our team and our work and how much we respect you and your business. Results from your dental website will be positive, although speed of growth will depend on location, competition, the existing web presence of the practice including reviews, existing reputation and traction, and effectiveness of the team to convert patients. We support all of these areas and work with you to generate positive results. For a fast start, paid media (PPC for dentists) may be required (if you search “dentist near me” and you get 5 “Ads,” PPC will be the only way to break through). Patient NEWS will work with you to achieve the results you are looking for from your dental website using marketing channels from the entire patient journey to assist.

Do I get to keep my dental website if I cancel?

Yes! You will. Clients retain exclusive ownership of all content which the client provides to Patient NEWS. This includes the website domain. For clarity, all other website elements including plug-ins, stock licensed videos, new-patient intake form, licensed stock imagery, managed social marketing, local SEO, licensed images, reputation monitoring, etc., cannot be transferred with a web cancellation. BUT let’s not talk cancelation before we even start. Just know we will work our butts off to make sure you love your dental website and love the service you get from Patient NEWS and stay with us for the long-haul. And you’ll see your production results in black & white in Practice ZEBRA. We are dedicated to helping you stand out & grow!