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Our dental patient newsletters work because they…

  • are packed with professionally written, educational content

  • showcase your unique value proposition (aka what makes your practice different)

  • feature specials & showcase your team

  • are mailed in high-quality business envelopes with your logo and a postage stamp

  • are read, shared & appreciated.

Keep Your Patients With Dental Patient Newsletters

...Improve patient satisfaction, loyalty & referrals

To keep patients coming back and referring friends and family, nurturing relationships outside of the practice is vital. According to the ADA, dentists who don’t stay in touch regularly with patients are at a high risk of losing them.

The solution? Dental patient newsletters. Your #1 retention tool.

High-quality newsletters from Patient NEWS are printed on FSC approved bright-white stock, and give your practice the edge to overcome perceived indifference. A dental patient newsletter (mailed quarterly with a monthly email supplement) will keep patients connected to your practice throughout the year.

“I have enjoyed working with Patient News. Patient education is a key component in any successful dental practice, and your own customized newsletter is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with patients. I highly recommend Patient News!” – Dr. Bill Dorfman

Reduce attrition and increase practice revenue

Watch this video...

...see how it works!

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Keep patients informed to make better decisions for their oral health

Patient education in a quality presentation makes a big difference. The truth is… most patients don’t truly understand the connection between mouth health and overall health. One of the main reasons they skip dental visits is because they “think” they’re healthy, according to the ADA.

By educating patients about the importance of regular visits and hygiene care and sharing fact-based content, they’ll be more inclined to take good care of their smiles. And, as you continue to stay in touch and raise awareness of the comprehensive care your team provides, patients will know to call you when they need an elective procedure.

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Patient newsletters are also a great way to capture lapsing patients – those who have been to your practice in the past, and the only true way to reactivate and capture everyone’s attention. If patients are scheduled, they won’t get any email reminders, and after two- years without a transaction, you can’t send any more emails. Direct mail patient newsletters reach 100% of your patients and keep them connected to your dental office. As a result, dental patient newsletters are solid investment in practice security and a surefire way to boost production and profits.

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Establish a strong connection with patients & get more referrals

The average dental patient is worth $1,000 per year (plus referrals). And, on average, they’ll stay with a particular dental practice for five years. What would it mean if you could prevent just 12 patients from leaving your practice through regular communication? More than $60,000 in lifetime value plus referrals. That’s a massive return on investment for a simple dental patient newsletter campaign.

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A monthly email patient newsletter will help you keep patients engaged with your practice so they continue to see the value in the services you offer. And when you consistently remind patients that you accept and appreciate their referrals, you’ll be top-of-mind when a friend or family member needs a dentist. It’s a great way to generate more referrals.

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PRO TIP: How many referrals are you generating right now? More than 50% of all new-patient traffic should come from referrals from existing patients. If this isn’t the case for you, it might be time to evaluate your customer service policies and/or let more patients know you want and value their referrals. Add a request for referrals (and a thank you) in every patient newsletter.
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Stay top of mind with health care decision makers

Staying top of mind in a way that sticks means standing out. Women, who make more than 90% of all dental buying decisions, want quality information. Regular and consistent education using a combination of messages and stories makes a big impact on patient loyalty. That’s where patient newsletters for dentists come into play.

Improve the patient experience and overall satisfaction

When patients receive quality communications from you, they will appreciate it. It’s a key component of the fourth phase of the patient journey – patient experience. Patients appreciate and look forward to receiving direct mail and friendly reminders from their dentist. And it’s a nice change from all the digital noise that surrounds all of us, all the time.

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Envelopes that help your newsletter stand out

At Patient NEWS, we understand direct dental marketing strategies and the vital aspects of improving readership. That’s why we mail your newsletters in high-quality white #10 envelopes – proven to increase open rates and readership. Because your newsletter is mailed in an envelope, we can insert additional promotional items like product brochures and referral and loyalty cards at no additional mailing cost. Envelopes provide opportunities!

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...And you can enhance your mailing with a stand-out insert

Inserts allow you to feature certain promotions at your practice and gain valuable feedback from patients. For example, you can boost referrals by including custom referral cards. We can do that for you – and help you tackle naturally occurring attrition to keep your practice secure.

A quarterly dental patient newsletter system is a great start, but based on our many years of data, it’s clear that clients who send their distinct patients-of-record newsletter every other month have the best overall practice results. Now that might sound like a lot of work, but it’s not when one of our dedicated account success managers is on your side to take care of all the details!
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Your Questions Answered

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Why dental patient newsletters?

We offer both dental marketing solutions to dentists. Automated eNewsletters are set up and distributed through Practice ZEBRA. They are an easy and effective way to keep patients connected to your practice with regular updates, dental health articles, and more. Both dental marketing solutions will set your practice apart from the competition.

Do patients want newsletters from their dental office?

Yes! In surveys of thousands of dental patients, it was reported than more than 85% of patients appreciate receiving and reading their dental patient newsletter. A dental patient newsletter program will help reduce attrition, improve patient satisfaction, increase referrals, and boost elective services.

Should I send a mailed and emailed dental patient newsletter?

Yes! Patients appreciate hearing from you when your messages include value-added information and helpful advice. By keeping your name present in patient homes, you make it easy for patients to reach you when they need you, and you make it easy for them to refer. Patient follow-up will ensure that they don’t forget what you just told them at their dental visit, and they make sure they remember to call your practice when they have a dental need. A dental patient newsletter is a solid investment for practice security and will ensure you get top dollar for your practice when it comes time to sell.

What content would I include in my dental patient newsletter?

That’s the great thing about working with Patient NEWS. We take care of all your content for you. We’ll help you craft content about your key elective services, explain procedures and protocols that patients need to know, and help profile team members and dentists. You name it, we can help you create it – and we take care of design, printing, and deployment – printing and mailing in envelopes for direct mail or emailing conveniently (with no hassle of pulling lists because of Practice ZEBRA). It’s super-easy to implement a dental patient newsletter. Take advantage of a free consultation to find out more.

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