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Improve Patient Satisfaction

Dental Patient Newsletters Increase Production

Improve patient satisfaction, increase loyalty, and boost referrals and reviews! The only way to reach 100% of patient homes, your customized patient newsletters will help reduce attrition, promote big-ticket elective services, and generate more practice production.

Educated Patients Are Better Quality Patients

Out-Behave Your Competitors

Your fully branded newsletter adds value to your patient relationships while keeping your name present in homes, making it easy for patients to contact you first.

Promote BIG TICKET Services

Build buy-in by helping patients identify their need and/or desire for treatment, and share how your solution will help them achieve their smile dreams.

Retain Quality Patients

Where patients have a wide range of choices, and competition is fierce, making sure patients feel valued when they’re not at your practice supports practice security.

Increase Referrals

Your newsletter provides a comfortable platform to remind patients that you welcome new patients, developing a steady flow of quality referrals.

Strengthen Relationships

Every dental practice stands out with a print newsletter hitting patient doorsteps quarterly, reminding patients of their good decision to choose the practice.

85% of Patients…

Say they enjoy receiving and reading their dentist's patient newsletter. It’s the single marketing method that allows you to reach 100% of patient households.

What Our Clients Say

Branded, Educational Content Attracts Attention

Packed with professionally written, educational content, you can showcase your team, your services, what makes your practice different, and feature news and updates.
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Closing Big-Ticket Procedures

Build problem/solution awareness, develop trust with custom storytelling, and overcome objections with education. Showcase your unique value, the results patients can achieve, to win more big-ticket services.
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Researched Exclusively For Dental Patient Buying Behavior


To keep patients coming back, and referring friends and family, nurturing relationships is vital. Per ADA, dentists who don’t stay in touch regularly with patients are at high risk of losing them.

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Educated Patients Are More Valuable Patients


One of the main reasons patients skip visits is because they “think” they’re healthy. Boost retention and elective services by raising awareness and triggering desire for an improved smile.

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Educate, Inform, Impress. Increase Referrals, Elective Services & Positive Reviews!

Reactivate Lapsing Patients


The average dental practice has 2,000 patients that haven’t visited for 1-3 years. Capture more production with your mailed patient newsletter – where email and text alone can’t penetrate.

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Boost Referrals By Standing Out


An average new dental patient contributes $1,800 per year, and personal referrals from quality patients support practice growth goals. Include referral requests in every edition!

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Automated Patient Communications


Enhance your patient communications with Practice ZEBRA dental software, and boost practice efficiency. Reviews, reactivations, reminders, scheduling, promotions, membership promotion, and monthly eNewsletters with great educational content and more.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why mail a patient newsletter?

The only way to reach 100% of your patients is via direct mail to homes. They are a highly-effective way to keep active patients engaged and connected to your practice, ensuring they don’t get lured away by competitor offers.

Do patients want mail?

Yes! Consumers of all ages look forward to receiving mail daily, in fact, it’s proven to break through digital noise with a higher cognitive impact. 85% of patients enjoy receiving a newsletter from their dentist, and the newsletter format is the most trusted at time of decision-making.

I’m already emailing my patients, do I need to mail?

Yes! The average dental practice is missing 28% of their patient email addresses, and with a readership level of 25-40%, the number of patients that are missing your communications adds up. The average dental practice has 2,000 patients, or 1500 households/guarantors. If you have 75% of emails, you’ll reach 1100 inboxes, and a generous 40% open. You reach 440 patients for 17 seconds. A newsletter, on the other hand, reaches 100% of homes, over 90% of people open their mail, and it stays in home for an average of 17 days. Incredible visibility and impact.

What can I do if I don’t have time to come up with content?

That’s the great thing about Patient NEWS dental marketing solutions. We take care of it all for you. Our writers and designers will create content that is exactly what you want, and your personal dedicated account manager will take care of keeping your campaign on time and on budget.

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