Wordle for dentists!


Wordle is the talk of the world, so this blog is just for dental marketing fun.

Have you gotten caught up in the new online sensation “Wordle”? There’s no app, you simply go to the URL (link below) and with zero clues, determine the 5-letter word of the day. The entire world must figure out the same word and it’s available in almost 40 languages. Wordle has taken my household by storm – it’s silly, distracting, fun, and for some, quite competitive – how many tries did today’s puzzle take you?! 😊

I haven’t had a loss day yet, but a friend did, and it was a very sad day LOL!

I didn’t want to give anything away for today’s word, but the screen caps show how it works – the green T means it’s the right letter in the right spot, yellow E & H mean right letter but in the wrong spot, and the gray E & T mean not part of the word. Now you can try again, and you have 5 more attempts.

If words aren’t your game, I get it, numbers aren’t mine – that’s why Patient NEWS is here for dentists! We’ve been the best source for wordles for dentists for almost 30 years. We figure out the best words to use to help educate your patients, improve retention, patient satisfaction, and increase elective services, and the best wordles to help your practice stand out in your community and attract quality new patients.

As a dental professional, you have an immensely difficult role dealing with many different patient personas. First, we have fear, and statistics reveal that up to 50% of the population has some level of fear of their dental visit. Then you have others, who can afford dentistry, even have insurance benefits, who perceive costs as a barrier. Then we have the oblivious patients who are smart, but they’re just not dentally educated and they “think” they’re healthy. Because gum disease is the silent disease. Even today the ADA HPI released the latest stats reporting that dental cancelations were at an all time high for January, visits dropped to less than 80% capacity, and now just 70% of dentists are confident in their recovery in the next six months.

Good patient communication and education about the importance of oral health can make a huge difference.

But it’s not just any wordle that make a difference to patient visits (did I just go too far there)? There is a distinct skill in writing for marketing and particularly dental marketing. We’re not writing for dental professionals who are interested in the technical details and intricate components of dentistry. In dental marketing, you’re writing at a middle-school level, grade 5-7, maybe even lower - so that content isn’t so complicated, overwhelming in detail, or too difficult for most dental patients to understand and positively respond to. Some say to write at the lowest level that won’t insult readers! The Content Marketing Institute says that readability is proven to lead to marketing success. The AMA, Institute of Health, and US Department of Health advocate for patient education to be written at 4th-6th grade reading levels so that patients don’t have any difficulty reading patient-specific education materials!

We help you help patients get more care by writing content in a way that gets your patients and community to read, digest, and understand the benefits of your care in a way that’s professional, informative, educational, and not condescending. The American Dental Association defines oral health literacy as the ability for patients to obtain, process, and understand basic oral health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. It also recognizes that simple communication helps make the dental office and dental care easier for patients to navigate and that helps them make better decisions for their own health.

Last month I quoted Dan Kennedy, marketing guru, who said that every dental practice should have some type of patient newsletter hitting patients’ doorsteps every month. He said that for the success of your business – but there is also the health of your patients. We can help you communicate and educate your patients with great content on your website, your email campaigns, your print newsletters, social media posts, and more.

Call today if you need help with your wordles – our amazing team will take great care of you!