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A proven dental marketing process leads to success for solo dentists, group locations & DSOs

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Multi-Channel Dental Marketing

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Proven process informed by data powered by technology optimized for results

All-In-One Dental Software & All-Inclusive Customized Marketing Solutions To Power Your Entire Patient Journey

To win at dental marketing, successful dental offices and DSO’s want and choose a marketing partner that has a proven track record, a partner that makes informed decisions based on research, analytics, data and experience, and one that is great to work with!

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At Patient NEWS, we’ve earned our stripes! Since 1993, we’ve been committed to innovation and product quality, and service with integrity and professionalism, exclusively for successful dentists like you. Our proven dental marketing processes, powered by Practice ZEBRA, and our amazing team of experts, help dental offices or groups build trust, STAND OUT, and be the dental practice of choice in their targeted area. We like to say, we’ll help you OWN your backyard!

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A comprehensive dental marketing plan will include;

  • Deep market area research & planning
  • Direct mail for patients & prospects
  • Websites, PPC & positive online presence
  • Social media marketing
  • Email, text & marketing automation
  • Multi-channel patient communications
  • Results visibility & reporting
  • Great teamwork between dental office & marketing partner!
“The best thing about working with Patient News is the effectiveness. I recommend you try Patient News if you are looking for more new patients! And our internal patients LOVE the patient newsletter.
Be sure to follow the guidelines Patient News gives you for your front desk in order to book more patients. Listen to calls and review with staff members, positive or needs improvement. The area analysis helps us zero in on locations to target and Practice ZEBRA™ has helped us improve our front desk scheduling.
Our Account Manager has helped us understand results better. Patient News works!” – Dr. Douglas Pennino
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Proven Dental Marketing Process

Develop is the first step in the proven dental marketing process by Patient NEWS


You’ll begin with a discovery session, practice assessment, market research, demographic analysis, and online and competitor analysis. This will allow us to better understand your situation and target audience in order to strategically plan campaigns for success. We complete this as a complimentary service to help get you started.

Develop is the first step in the proven dental marketing process by Patient NEWS


With practice intelligence, established benchmarks, call scoring and marketing intelligence all in Practice ZEBRA, your account team will help you review the results information you need to find opportunities, take action, and grow production.

Develop is the first step in the proven dental marketing process by Patient NEWS


You’ll be assigned a dedicated team of experts who will use all assessment analytics and information to make informed decisions, create relevant marketing messaging that will resonate with your audience, implement team training, and set your practice up for success.

Develop is the first step in the proven dental marketing process by Patient NEWS


Informed coaching, fact-based feedback, and continuous KPI analysis will help you and your team improve practice efficiencies and generate loyal patients that return and refer. Plus we’re the only dental marketing company to provide marketing analytics and proper attribution!

Distinguish your practice and achieve your goals with Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA.

How To Succeed With A Dental Marketing Strategy

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STAND OUT by partnering with Patient NEWS – an experienced dental marketing company.

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Get A Primer On Dental Marketing

Successful marketing for dentists is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Because success happens at the local level for each office, you need a very relevant strategy, the right tools and methods that will support you and your team. Patient NEWS wants to help you implement an overarching strategy, tools, and methods that will support you and your team and help you implement an overarching dental marketing campaign in a way that’s better, faster, and more effective than your competitors.

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A good marketing plan starts by documenting your goals, as we’ve discussed on other pages working through a SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats), narrowing in on your target audience and creating campaigns, executing with precision, and tracking and reacting to results.

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Here is how we help dentists drive growth

Dental marketing or dental advertising is simply a label for “patient communications.” Successful marketing for dentists is built on good relationship building – and relationships are built based on superior communication. Successful dental practices use Patient NEWS to help them more effectively engage patients and prospective patients, improve awareness of the dental practice and service offerings, educate patients about the importance of oral health, and build and strengthen patient trust.

Your dental marketing niche is how you differentiate each dental practice so that consumers in the practice target area know where to turn when they have a dental need, concern, or question. And once they’ve chosen the practice, they turn into long-time loyal patients who refer and recommend.

The team at Patient NEWS can help you implement a very effective cross-channel dental marketing plan and communication strategy that you will be proud to have represent your practice. And it will provide patients and prospects ease-of-access by making it effortless to communicate and respond in the channel they prefer.

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IDENTIFY INSIGHTS that would otherwise be missed

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When it comes to making your dental marketing plan as effective as it can be, you need clarity of your current metrics and data, and subsequently clarity around results and trends. Practice ZEBRA is the can’t-live-without dental marketing software that will increase practice marketing performance and help convert more new patients.

CONNECT your practice and marketing intelligence

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The complexity of tracking dental marketing results might get overwhelming, but the key is to track the metrics that matter most. While you want to monitor channels individually, it’s almost more important to look at goals and achievements as a whole. It’s important that the combination of tactics implemented support the overall achievement of annual goals within an established marketing budget relevant to the market area and competitive landscape. Practice ZEBRA enables you to watch new patient and total production trends – and secure your practice future. And, ZEBRA Enterprise, helps group organizations monitor results with the practice, region and group views.

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IMPROVE THE QUALITY of your online presence

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Dental solutions by Patient NEWS incorporate all facets of a dental office’s online presence. When building out a dental marketing plan, consider the entire online footprint. Is the website modern, responsive, and secure and does it reflect the overall practice brand? Our successful clients find that their dental marketing plan must include a strategy to collect a consistent flow of positive patient reviews and that their business listings, particularly Google My Business, need to be up to date and accurate. It’s important to plan for actively adding content to all sites, website, social, and listings.

REACH NEW PATIENTS & keep the ones you have!

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A successful dental marketing plan incorporates both acquisition and retention tactics. Every dental practice experiences natural attrition, so a steady flow of new patients is the only way to maintain monthly production, and new patient efforts will need to exceed lost patients for the office to grow. Again, a multi-channel approach for both retention and acquisition strategies will ensure you have your bases covered!

Keep your marketing campaigns ON TRACK

Nothing hurts dental marketing success more than inconsistent efforts. A successful marketing plan will be goal-oriented and metrics-driven. One of our commitments to you is to keep your marketing plan on budget, on time, and on track. That’s because that’s what works!

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Your Questions Answered

Open FAQs To Read Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Marketing
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How do I start a dental marketing plan?

Determine your practice goals, understand and know your current situation, review the dental competitors in your area, look at the demographic makeup of your target audience (and make sure you’re selecting the right target), find a great dental marketing partner (like Patient NEWS dental marketing), and work together to establish a strategy that works for you.

What is a good marketing plan for dentists in general?

Successful marketing for dentists begins by understanding that it’s a local business. You’ll want your core listings sites to be accurate. You’ll want your website to have the keywords and content that your audience will search for. Your direct mail and paid ads should target only your core draw area, so you don’t waste marketing dollars.

What can make or break my dental marketing success?

Call conversion. How patient calls are handled when they come into a dental office is definitely one of the most critical elements of success. On average, new patients are worth double that of an active patient – you want all patients to have a very welcoming and knowledgeable experience when they finally pick up the phone, and in particular new patients. After tracking hundreds of thousands of dental patient calls, we can confirm that 50% of new patients are lost due to lack of telephone training and/or awareness of the value of each call. The top 10% of dental practices answer 90% of their inbound calls and convert over 70%. Do you know your call metrics? This metric can increase practice production without adding any more marketing dollars!

How can I define my target audience?

Great question! We’ve seen so many dental marketing campaigns fall short because the dentist wanted to target areas not primed to respond. We’ve been helping dentists stand out and grow since 1993, and our commitment is to help you be more successful. You can do that without reaching into areas that just won’t trek all the way to your practice. With our dental marketing software, Practice ZEBRA, we will help you identify your core draw neighborhoods, plus we’ll conduct a complete demographic and competitive analysis so you don’t have to waste any time or money targeting dental marketing campaigns into areas that just won’t respond. We’ll help you maximize your market area, differentiate your practice, and help you grow production.

How can I figure out my competitive advantages?

When it comes to dental marketing success, positioning the BENEFITS of your features and services are your competitive advantages. Sometimes, you’re lucky, and you’re the only dental office in an area to offer a key service. Other times you may not have that unique proposition, but don’t worry. 100% of dental offices have competitive advantages. It could be offering a dedicated “new patient day,” offering an in-house membership plan, or merely having convenient extended hours. You’ll want to do your competitive research and understand what other dentists in your area are offering so that you can differentiate and stand out. Your team can probably list the top reasons patients choose your dental office. It’s the spin you put on those benefits that will become your unique competitive advantages that will contribute to a successful dental marketing campaign.