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Dental Marketing: For The Dental Practice That Wants To Stand Out & Grow!

Proven Processes That Lead To Success For Solo Dentists, Group Locations, & DSOs

To win at dental marketing, successful dental offices and DSOs need a marketing partner that:

  • Has a proven track record
  • Makes informed decisions based on research, analytics, data, and experience
  • Is easy to work with and is dedicated to their clients’ success!

At Patient NEWS®, we’ve earned our stripes! Since 1993, we’ve been exclusive to the dental industry and committed to innovation, product quality, and service with integrity and professionalism. Our proven marketing processes, powered by Practice ZEBRA® and our fantastic team of experts, help dental offices or groups build trust, STAND OUT, and be the dental practice of choice in their targeted area. We like to say that we help our clients OWN their backyards!


Why is tailored dental marketing so important?

Successful marketing for dentists is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Because success happens at the local level for each office, you need a very customized, relevant strategy and the right tools, methods, and team to support you. Our Patient NEWS experts are here to help you implement an overarching strategy with tools and methods that will help your team implement a marketing campaign that’s better, faster, and more effective than the strategies of your competitors!

A good marketing plan starts by documenting your goals and working through a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) to hone in on your target audience. Then, once your campaigns have been created, they must be executed with precision, and results must be tracked and responded to when necessary.

How does the Patient NEWS process help dental practices grow?

Dental marketing or dental advertising is simply a label for “patient communications.” Successful marketing for dentists focuses on building good relationships using superior communication, and many standout dental practices use Patient NEWS to help them effectively engage existing and prospective patients while also improving awareness of the dental practice and service offerings, educating patients about the importance of oral health, and building and strengthening patient trust.

Our team can help you implement a very effective cross-channel dental marketing plan and communication strategy that you will be proud to have represent your practice. This strategy will enable patients and prospects ease of access by making it effortless to communicate and respond via the marketing channel they prefer.

How can we help you improve your online presence?

Our experts consider all facets of a dental office’s online presence in our customized marketing plans. Is your website modern, responsive, and secure, and does it reflect the overall practice brand and mission? Our most successful clients have sites that strategically attract a consistent flow of positive patient reviews, and they prioritize keeping their business listings, particularly within Google Maps Platform and Google Business Profile, up-to-date and accurate. They also make a point of actively adding content to their website, social media platforms, and listings.

How can we help you get accurate insights into your metrics, data, & results?      

Practice ZEBRA is the can’t-live-without dental marketing software that increases practice marketing performance and helps convert more new patients.

The complexity of tracking dental marketing results can feel overwhelming, but the key is to track the numbers that matter most. It’s important that the combination of marketing tactics is implemented to support the overall achievement of annual goals within an established budget pertinent to your market area and competitive landscape. Practice ZEBRA enables you to watch new patient and total production trends and secure your practice’s future. And ZEBRA Enterprise helps group organizations monitor results with the practice, region, and group views.

How can we help you retain existing patients & reach new ones?

Because every dental practice experiences natural attrition, a steady flow of new patients is the only way to maintain monthly production. In fact, new patient efforts will need to exceed lost patient numbers for the office to grow. Our multi-channel approach focusing on retention and acquisition will help ensure your bases are covered!

Why do we encourage our clients to stay consistent with their marketing campaigns & communications?

Nothing hurts dental marketing success more than inconsistent efforts. A successful marketing plan will be goal-oriented, metrics-driven, and consistent –repetition builds recognition! One of our commitments is to keep your marketing plan on budget, on time, and on track. Why? Because it works!

Which processes, systems & technologies do we offer?

Neighborhood Newsletters & Direct Mail
Paid Media (PPC)
Patient Newsletters
Email Newsletters & Anytime Patient Communications
Dental Brochures & Patient Referral Solutions
Dental Websites – WebLift®
SEO Packages
Appointment Reminders
Dental Membership Plan Booster
Practice ZEBRA & ZEBRA Enterprise
Phone Power Telephone Call Coaching
Call Tracking, Recording, & Scoring
And More!

For more than 30 years, Patient NEWS has been helping many of the most successful dentists in the industry stand out and grow. e can help you, too!

Have questions? Call us at 888-377-2404 and talk to a real person!