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Overseeing multiple dental practices, whether rapidly expanding or simply dealing with many moving parts of your existing group with multiple projects, multiple stakeholders, and multiple goals can be a daunting challenge.

If you’re looking for ways to better manage your practice locations and various marketing campaigns, want to improve marketing effectiveness, increase profitability, and group valuation, Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA can help.

Our enterprise dental marketing services and ZEBRA Enterprise software provide you with the expert assistance you want for centralized group and DSO marketing services.

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We can assist whether you have a single brand image or are managing multiple brands with differing demographic targets. Everything we do is customized per location because we know that dental practice success (and ultimately group success) happens at the local level.

Our full-service agency gives you:

  • dental marketing experts who understand the needs of group managers
  • flexible, a la carte or packaged, solutions to support all phases of the patient journey.
  • practice intelligence with ZEBRA Enterprise – the dental software that provides maximum efficiency for practice production management DSO/Group-wide
  • marketing automation to elevate online reputation & increase patient loyalty
  • research, tracking, analysis & optimization for maximum ROI.
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“Working with Patient NEWS has been the best investment for our group.”
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A reputable dental marketing agency that gets dentistry

Since 1993, our team at Patient NEWS has helped thousands of dental practices stand out and grow. We’re familiar with the challenges practices face when it comes to patient acquisition, retention, and differentiating themselves from the competition. We know that it all starts at the local level – by connecting with the community in which the practice is located, addressing their specific oral health needs, and maintaining effective communication with patients to build long-lasting relationships.

Group practice owner with glasses and baby blue dress shirt shakes hands with a dental marketing consultant

From us, you can expect anything and everything. Flexible group and DSO marketing services, packaged plans or a la carte, to help you achieve your group’s specific goals. You’ll have dedicated account management and full clarity of marketing and practice performance with proper campaign attribution. Our team will work with you to improve results based on data, with key performance reporting at the practice, region, and group levels. With Patient NEWS, you’ll be able to generate consistent results across multiple locations!

One partner with solutions to improve the patient journey

With the continued rise of group dental practices and DSOs in North America, it takes a cohesive, overarching strategy to capture patients and remain competitive.

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Dental patients experience a journey comprised of various stages. It starts with awareness (before they become a patient) and goes through to advocacy and growth (when they become loyal, top-value patients who refer).

At the core of the patient journey lies Practice ZEBRA Enterprise, which will help you enhance the patient experience and increase profit at each location.

With ZEBRA Enterprise you can benchmark each practice with easy to use group reports, and monitor ongoing progress for multi-location success and profitability.

Average Patient Yearly Value Sheet Average Patient Yearly Value Sheet
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Raise awareness & achieve rapid growth

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To drive more patients to individual dental offices, you have to take a targeted approach to raise practice awareness. And that means identifying key demographics of those who will want and need your practices’ services as well as pinpointing the competition. We carry that out with our expert team and industry-leading technology from Esri ArcGIS Business Analyst. There is no additional fee for this service – we believe that your business, just like dental patients, needs to be informed before making a decision.

Various pieces of data from the online audit for dentists by Patient NEWS

In addition, we’ll conduct an online audit to measure the strength of your current online presence (website, online listings, social channels, etc.) and identify areas in need of improvement and enhancement.

We’ll also connect your practices to Practice ZEBRA, the #1 dental software solution, to help determine which marketing tactics are the best to employ.

DSO & group marketing services that work

Imagine being able to track the ebbs and flows of each location and zero in on areas that need work. You'll know who's knocking it out of the park so you can replicate their success at all locations.

Practice ZEBRA's rollup reports enterprise view for DSOs and group practices
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Practice ZEBRA Enterprise

Group practice owner reviews the results of her DSO marketing services on the Practice ZEBRA dashboard

Practice owners can choose to take a high-level look at the performance of each office and make comparisons with easy enterprise views and roll-up reports. At a glance, you can see which offices are on track in terms of patients, production, and scheduling, to name a few. Office managers, on the other hand, can get granular by looking at individual metrics and trends, like call conversion and scoring, and provide call coaching at the office level to help book more patients and effectively fill schedules.

?> Call Conversion Sheet ?> Team Scorecard
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It takes a full marketing mix to connect with prospects and patients at each of these critical touchpoints – and that is key to becoming more profitable and successful. When you put the patient first – in everything you do – your business will be rewarded financially.

Direct mail program to acquire more new patients

Reach 100% of new patients with a monthly customized neighborhood newsletter or postcard campaign. Build trust, drive higher new-patient response, and elevate your practice reputation as the dental authority in every community in which you have an office.

We also recommend sending newsletters to existing patients to maintain relationships and improve loyalty. It’s a proven solution to reduce attrition, increase patient lifetime value, improve the patient experience, and a superior way to smoother transitions.

Samples of Patient NEWS' direct mail solutions, including practice brochures and newsletters

Digital services to increase visibility and strengthen reputation

Whether prospects find you through a search or are directed to one of your offices by way of a direct mail campaign, it’s crucial to have a robust online presence. We can help with that.

YSample homepage of WebLift dental website

WebLift & SEO – Get a consistent look and feel for all of your practices’ websites, each of which will be responsive, provide patients valuable information, and increase conversion. This solution is backed with a solid SEO strategy to increase search rankings and get more traffic.

PPC search results for dentists in New York City on Google

Paid media (PPC for dentists) – We’ll help your dental offices appear on search sites and drive calls to them with PPC for dentists. You’ll get customized ads, weekly ad optimization, dynamic number insertion to track results, and support from a digital dental marketing expert.

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Social marketing – For patients to stick around, they need to know your practice truly cares about them. We help practices keep patients engaged and remain top of mind with content they’ll love.

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Reputation management – Are all online listings for your practice locations up to date? Business listings, particularly Google My Business pages, must be current so patients know where the office is and how to get in touch. Our team makes it easy and looks after this for you.

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Analyze your business & make data-driven decisions

Main landing dashboard in Practice ZEBRA

Practice ZEBRA Enterprise is the dental software solution that will provide you, key stakeholders, practices, and team members, the related key performance metrics that matter to each: roll-up analytics and trends, patient and production information, and marketing results.

Four email communication pieces to educate patients, provide appointment details, and boost membership plan enrollment
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What are the benefits of getting all practice and marketing results from one source for our group dental business?

By having all your data in one convenient spot, it will save you and your teams time. With a cloud-based software solution like Practice ZEBRA Enterprise, you’re able to get instant access to key performance indicators and more. With a quick and easy connection to the practices’ PMS, team members can make rapid data-driven decisions for business growth. No longer do team members have to sort through and make sense of complicated reports to see where the business is thriving and where it needs attention.

What are the pitfalls of working with multiple marketing providers on our DSO’s marketing campaign?

What you might find is that your marketing strategy is misaligned, fragmented, and fractured. With multiple marketing agencies in the mix, it can be a challenge to get the desired outcomes, and it may even cause frustration. The companies you work with may not see eye-to-eye on strategies, best practices, and the implementation of campaigns. Other problems that may arise include: lack of campaign leadership, duplication of effort, miscommunication, additional costs, no overall plan, clear understanding of ROI, and insufficient reporting.

What are the essential qualities every dental entrepreneur should possess?

In working with many dental entrepreneurs over the years, we know they possess several key qualities and characteristics which are integral to their success. They include passion, fearlessness, risk tolerance, adaptability, motivation, responsibility, and vision.

We’ve added many new patients year over year, but our group dental business still isn’t growing. Why might that be?

When examining the data for many practices, we often see the rate of patients they are losing is surpassing the number of new patients they’re gaining. In Practice ZEBRA, each office can quickly see what’s happening – at any time – with a New & Lost Patients graph. It provides data on new patients, reactivated patients, total of new patients, lost patients, and the overall net gain (or loss). It makes it easy to see if the practice needs to work on strategies to improve patient retention and/or improve patient acquisition.